Company Is Planning ‘Real Life Jurassic Park’ With Woolly Mammoths Brought Back To Life

‘Surely nothing could go wrong, right?

In a bid to tackle climate change and maintain permafrost that contains harmful gasses, a company is looking to bring the woolly mammoth back to life.

Despite going extinct 4,000 years ago, bioscience company Colossal is hoping to resurrect the woolly mammoth as they believe such creatures could help maintain permafrost in areas like Siberia by knocking down trees and creating natural grasslands.

However there are those who have accused the company of “playing God” after all, they are quite literally creating life that has been dead for thousands of years.

“Regardless of your philosophical or religious views, I think that wherever you fall on that spectrum, we can all agree that we have a duty to protect this planet,” Lamm pushed back, saying we have a “duty” to protect this planet.

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He also took a subtle jab at Elon Musk, saying: “Someone said that until Elon [Musk] figures out Mars there is no ‘Planet B’, right?


The company’s site ..


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