Complete List of MN damaged businesses

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via bringmethenews:

– Dairy Queen East Lake Street: Property damage.

– Papa Murphy’s Pizza East Lake Street: Property damage.

– Planet Fitness on Lake: Property damage.

– Domino’s Pizza 26th and 28th: Property damage.

– Urban Forage Winery and Cider House, Lake and 29th: Property damage, looting.

– Gandhi Mahal Restaurant, 27th and Lake: Window smashed.

– Car-X Tire & Auto East Lake Street: Property damage, vehicle smashed through windows.

– Frattelone’s Ace Hardware East Lake Street: Property damage.

– MN Transitions Charter School: Property damage.

– Laundro Max East Lake Street: Window smashed.

– Soderberg’s Floral & Gift East Lake Street: Property damage.

– East Lake Clinic: Property damage.

– Seward Pharmacy: Window smashed, graffiti.

– Electra Tune Auto Care on Lake St: Property damage, vehicle stolen.

– Walgreens at 43rd and Chicago: Property damage, looting.

– Elevated Beer Wine & Spirits, Hiawatha Ave: Property damage, looting.

– Schooner’s Tavern, barbershop next door: Fire, property damage.

– Seward Co-op, 28th and Franklin: Window smashed, attempted theft of ATM.

– Midtown Global Market: Property damage, looting.

Seward Community Co-op, Facebook

– Briva Health Lake Street: Window smashed.

– Foot Locker East Lake Street: Property damage, looting.

– BMO Harris East Lake Street: Property damage.

– TCF Bank at 38th and Minnehaha: Property damage.

– Studiiyo23 Hennepin Avenue, Uptown: Property damage, looting.

– DTLR, Broadway, North Minneapolis: Property damage, looting.

– Uptown Pawn: Property damage, looting.

– La Familia Skate Shop: Property damage.

– Target Uptown: Property damage, looting.

– Chicago & Lake Liquor: Property damage, looting.

– East Lake Liquor: Property damage, looting.

– Ingebretsens on Lake: Property damage, windows smashed.

– Freewheel Bike: Property damage, windows smashed.

– Hamdi Restaurant, Midtown: Property damage, graffiti.

– Hudson’s Hardware, East 42nd Street: Property damage and looting.

– Birchwood Cafe, East 25th Street: Property damage.

– CVS Uptown: Property damage, looting.

– Timberland Uptown: Property damage, looting.

– Sunnys Wigs 29th and Lyndale: Property damage.

– Thurston Jewelers West Lake Street: Property damage.

– Banadir Pharmacy West Lake Street: Property damage and looting

– Sephora Uptown: Property damage.

– Gamestop Uptown: Property damage, looting.

– Indulge and Bloom, Uptown: Property damage.

– H&M Uptown: Windows smashed.

– Apple Store Uptown: Windows smashed., looting.

– Urban Outfitters Uptown: Door window smashed.

– Smokeless Northeast: Vandalized, closed till further notice.

– AutoZone at 501 West Broadway, North Minneapolis: Unconfirmed report of looting, property damage.

– Buzzmart, downtown Minneapolis: Property damage.

– Town Talk Diner, Lake Street: Extensive property damage.

In St. Paul
– Speedway at Grand and Cleveland: Extensive fire damage.

– T-Mobile at Excelsior and Grand: Property damage, looting.

– 1st Grand Avenue Liquors on Grand and Milton: Property damage, looting.

– Foot Locker Midway: Extensive fire damage.

– GameStop Midway: Extensive fire damage, looting.

– To New York Midway: Property damage.

– Peking Garden Midway: Property damage.

– Lloyd’s Pharmacy Snelling and Minnehaha: Destroyed by fire.

– Target Midway: Property damage, looting.

– CVS University Avenue: Property damage, looting.

– Max It Pawn Shop University Avenue: Property damage, looting.

– Verizon Store Hamline Avenue: Property damage.

– Noodles & Co Hamline Avenue: Property damage.

– Vitamine Shoppe Hamline Avenue: Property damage.

– Big Top Liquors Midway: Property damage.

– TJ Maxx Midway: Property damage, small fire.

– Sprint store Midway: Property damage, looting.

– Midway Tobacco Outlet Plus: Property damage

– NAPA Auto Parts University Avenue: Property damage, fire.

– T-Mobile on Arcade and York: Property damage, looting.

– LeeAnn Chinn Midway: Property damage, graffiti.

– America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses Midway: Property damage, graffiti.

– Furniture Barn Midway: Property damage, graffiti, fire.

– BP on University Avenue: Property damage.

– Walgreens on Randolph and Snelling: Property damage, looting.

– Discount Tire Co. Midway: Property damage.

– O’flaming homosexual Auto Parts Lexington: Property damage, fire.

– TCF Bank Lexington and University: Property damage.

– Lululemon Grand Avenue: Property damage, looting.

– Speedway University Ave: Property damage, fire.

– Ananya Dance Theater University Ave: Property damage.

– Springboard for the Arts University Ave: Property damage, fire.

– 7-Mile Sportwear University Ave: Property damage, looting.

– Fire n Ice Chicken: Property damage.

– Liquor Barrel on West 7th: Property damage, looting.

– Moellers Jewelry, Highland: Property damage.

– The Fixery, Highland: Property damage.

– Bole Ethiopian Restaurant: Fire.

– Enterprise University Avenue: Fire.




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