Confirmed: Brattleboro first-grader vaccinated against parents’ will

A Vaccine Clinic arrived at the school – upon learning of the mobile vaccine clinic, the parents told the Vice Principal that they did not want their 6 year old jabbed. The VP assured them their 6 year old was safe. Then, whoopsi, the 6 year old got jabbed “by mistake”.

Breaking: School Vaxes 6 Year Old After Parent Told Them Not to Vaccinate His Son

Confirmed: Brattleboro first-grader vaccinated against parents’ will

A first-grade student at the Academy School in Brattleboro was vaccinated for Covid-19 against the expressed will of his parents, Windham Southeast Supervisory Union Superintendent Speno said in a letter to parents yesterday, November 23.

“Vermont Begins Liberal Slide…

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…The Green Mountain State’s largest city shows us that even in a state as safe as Vermont, Democrats can screw things up. In the heat of the BLM, protest summer it defunded its police force by 30%.

Property crime in Burlington is now more than double the state average and above the national average…violent crime is now also twice the state average. Assaults have exceeded the national average, while rapes are more than twice the national per-capita rate and the locals are unhappy.

Burlington business leaders are airing frustrations about what they’ve described as a pattern of unsettling incidents this summer and fall in the downtown business district. Now, with the holiday season just around the corner, they’re calling on city leaders to help protect employees and customers…

Brattleboro is trying to be worse. When it comes to property crime, it is four times that of the state and nearly three times the national average. Violent crime is two-and-one-half the state average but mostly from assaults. Rape in Brattleboro is only a fraction above the national average per capita…

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