Congress is being ran by secret caucus. No open debates, no televised committee hearings, no minority rights. “The People’s House” is not open to the people. SCOTUS and Senate are publicly open.

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It is being run by a Secret club, but not called the house. They’re called kikes and they are in every branch of gov

via thehill:

Our Constitution set up three branches of government. And yet, in this crisis, only two branches are fully operational. In particular, the House of Representatives is no longer functioning as a legislative body at all but as an executive committee run by just one representative: the Speaker of the House. There are no open debates, no televised committee hearings, no minority rights. “The People’s House” is not open to the people.

Somehow, the executive branch managed to keep the White House open — from the Office of the President to the Situation Room, from the Department of Justice to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, they are all fully operational; some people even complain they see too much of the president with his coronavirus task force daily briefings for hours on end. There is no doubt, however, that the executive branch is open for business 24/7. It has put in place all the protocols and procedures to operate safely and to keep the country safe at the same time from others who would seek to take advantage of a vulnerable nation going through a pandemic.

Over at the Supreme Court, the justices were faced with some tough choices, and they decided that they would continue to carry out their full responsibilities. Until further notice, oral arguments are being conducted by phone so that the cases before the court will continue to move forward. For the first time in history, the public will be able to listen to Supreme Court arguments live, without any delay. Despite the advanced age of some of the justices, they have figured out how to adapt and to stay open for business.

Just yesterday, they issued a major ruling not related to the virus but about whether criminal jury verdicts must be by a unanimous vote. It was a complex ruling with an unusual pairing of justices — one judge is not operating for the rest, they are all operating together. In this crisis they have become more, not less, transparent.

In contrast, the House of Representatives has stood empty since the beginning of this crisis.




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