Congress is getting nothing done and people seem to be fine with it.

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Three years of the Democrats screaming impeachment, Mitch sitting on legislation, Pelosi sitting on legislation and no one is batting an eye at it.

We are living through the kindergarten congress. Screaming, yelling, whining about being called names, all the while they act like the very names they are being called.

Whose the real bully? The kid who picks the nerd last and laughs about it or the kid who doesn’t like the outcome so he takes his ball and goes home, now no one can play.

Is the President acting like a bully or simply responding to three years of being shit on by the Democrats who refuse everything he does at all cost. Why? Because they were losing the game so now they want to take their ball and go home.

The repulsion they feel towards the President because he doesn’t come from a political background is astounding. Is it that they cannot fathom how someone who didn’t “work” their way through the political process got elected? Is it because he didn’t spend decades in civil service, grinding his way up so he could then run for President and now that he is President they resent the fact that they feel like they wasted their lives in public office?

They are tearing the country apart out of spite and laughing while they do it.




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