Congress is preparing a bipartisan PATRIOT Act sequel to completely destroy the Internet as we know it

by Kuranes_ov_Celephais

“and for other purposes”

Just your standard ambiguous phrase so they can stuff anything and everything they want under the umbrella.

Full text is here:

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Highlights include allowing the feds to access any of your software or hardware, at any time, without any judicial oversight. Arbitrary designation of foreign parties as enemies, and anyone who communicated with them subject to up to a $1M fine. Anything subject to this bill is exempt from FOIA. Etc. This is a nightmare, but we know the NPCs are going to go along with it.


It gives the government the ability to go after anyone they deem as a national security risk at which point they can access everything from their computer to video games to their ring light.

Believe it or not, it gets even worse: If you find you in violation, they can put you in jail for 20 years, fine you $1M, and seize your property.

They can also deem any foreign government an adversary without informing congress and everything they do is not subjected to FOIA.


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