Congresswoman: "Big pharma keeps pushing back against legalizing medical marijuana because, in many cases, they want to continue to sell addictive drugs and dominate the market for drugs that address chronic pain. That's wrong. "

Big Pharma engaging in a blatant and open attempt to oppose cannabis legalization is an affront to a Republic which, on its face, should be free of that kind of nefarious corporate influence in the context of public policy.
To that end, this policy discussion is far overdue and the role of Big Pharma in the lawmaking process should be reevaulted and, hopefully, eradicated.

The private prison lobby is also a major player in keeping cannabis illegal.
The CCA or Corrections Corporation of America is the largest private prison company in America, they operate more than 100 facilities nationwide and with all of the money they are making they are going around lobbying politicians to increase drug sentences, that way offenders have to spend more time in their jails, thereby sucking more revenue out of the taxpayer who has to pay to keep this nonviolent offender in jail for a ridiculously long amount of time.
In the prison industry (something that shouldn’t even exist BTW), time is really money, and you can bet your ass that CCA and other private prison corporations like it are going to do their best to extract as much time and money from Americans, offenders and taxpayers, as possible.
It’s an incredibly insidious system .
h/t AssuredlyAThrowAway