Conniving Liberals Plan To Wipe Out Americans By Blocking President Trump’s Border Fixes!

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by Ruby Henley

I am sick of hearing the Democrats blame President Trump for everything that goes wrong, including the caravan of migrants crossing through Mexico to get to the United States.  That is their plan to destroy this Country, wiping out Americans while doing it.

They will not fix border-law loopholes, as they are providing an open door for illegal immigrants into the United States, White House officials said Monday.

“The president has talked about fixing these border issues since the day he declared his candidateship, and there is only one group of people in Congress which is trying to prevent this from happening, and that is congressional Democrats in the House and Senate,” a senior White House official said Monday.

“The Democrats’ refusal to fill the well-understood loopholes can only be construed as favoring large amounts of illegal immigration in the future as the new official plank of the Democratic Party,” the official added.

All of President Donald Trump’s immigration-reform requests have been blocked as a growing number of Central American migrants march towards the border.

In fact, in my opinion, this is a treasonous act performed by law makers, who should be working for We The People.  You do not allow a Country you love to be overrun and ravaged to the point of no return! It is clear they are un-American, and they should be flushed out of Washington D.C.

It is not all Democrats; in fact, if I were Paul Ryan I would not show my face on Capitol Hill again.   In the recent spending battle, the House Speaker’s omnibus did not include a single provision from Trump’s 70-point list of pro-American immigration reforms.  And this proves that Washington is full of traitors to the American people. Both parties are filled with Black Hats, but they work tirelessly to make President Trump look like the bad guy.

What We The People need to understand is not only are they destroying President Trump, they are destroying the United States and the American people.   And lurking in the background are the same ole players, Obama, Clinton, and Soros. They are backing the organization which is bringing these immigrants through Mexico to the United States’ border.


The website of the organization is

On their website, they say this:  

“For more than fifteen years, members of Pueblo Sin Fronteras have been reaching out to the most vulnerable immigrants in the United States and to migrants and refugees on the move.

We are a collective of friends who decided to be in permanent solidarity with displaced peoples.

We accompany migrants and refugees in their journey of hope, and together demand our human rights.

We provide humanitarian aid to migrants and refugees on the move.

Our dream is to build solidarity bridges among peoples and turndown border walls imposed by greed.”


The website which is connected to the above is

If you scroll down on their website you will see their latest projects including of course the migrant caravan.

“What’s happening on –

1)Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

March for Our Lives: An Act to Protect & Save Your Children

“In the tragic wake of the seventeen lives brutally cut short in Florida, politicians are telling us that now is not the time to talk about guns. March For Our Lives believes the time is now. Created by, inspired by, and led by students across the country, we will no longer risk our lives waiting for someone else to take action to stop the epidemic of mass school shootings that has become all too familiar. We support the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms, as set forth in the United States Constitution. But with that right comes responsibility. We call on all the adults in Congress elected to represent us, to pass legislation that will protect and save children from gun violence. Our elected officials MUST ACT by: 1. Passing a law to ban the sale of assault weapons like the ones used in Las Vegas, Orlando, Sutherland Springs, Aurora, Sandy Hook and, most recently, to kill 17 innocent people and injure more than a dozen others at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Of the 10 deadliest shootings over the last decade, seven involved the use of assault weapons. No civilian should be able to access these weapons of war, which should be restricted for use by our military and law enforcement only. These guns have no other purpose than to fire as many bullets as possible and indiscriminately kill anything they are pointed at with terrifying speed. 2. Prohibiting the sale of high-capacity magazines such as the ones the shooter at our school—and so many other recent mass shootings used. States that ban high-capacity magazines have half as many shootings involving three or more victims as states that allow them. Limiting the number of bullets a gun can discharge at one time will at least force any shooter to stop and reload, giving children a chance to escape. 3. Closing the loophole in our background check law that allows dangerous people who shouldn’t be allowed to purchase firearms to slip through the cracks and buy guns online or at gun shows. 97 percent of Americans support closing the current loopholes in our background check system. When Connecticut passed a law requiring background checks on all handgun sales, they saw a 40 percent reduction in gun homicides. 22 percent of gun sales in this country take place without a background check. That’s millions of guns that could be falling into dangerous hands. A background check should be required on every gun sale, no exceptions. The children of this country can no longer go to school in fear that each day could be their last. Please sign our petition and demand a comprehensive and effective bill be immediately brought before Congress to address these gun issues.”


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2)Petition to Jeff Bezos, Amazon,

Remove NRA TV from Amazon’s Streaming Service & Website

“My oldest friend (for nearly 20 years) has a son who attends Marjory Stoneman Douglas and was there last week, huddling and hiding for his life. For 30 anxious minutes, we knew there was a school shooting but has no word on his safety. We learned he was okay fairly quickly, but too many others weren’t so lucky. After seeing 17 young people lose their lives, I was angered to see the defensive reaction from the National Rifle Association – and upset when I saw that Amazon hosts NRAtv, a channel with the slogan “America’s Most Patriotic Team on a Mission to Take Back The Truth.” It’s a 24-hour streaming service with 22 original series that promote the NRA’s propaganda, and there’s even an entire segment devoted to how it should be easier to purchase an AR15. Amazon needs to remove from their services, sites and offerings immediately. The NRA has long ignored its role in promoting gun violence and betrayed the names of good and responsible gun owners. It’s time to hold it, and its partners, accountable. The NRA represents millions of gun owners BUT nowhere near all or a majority of U.S. gun owners. In fact, less than 10 percent of gun owners belong to the NRA. We need to include gun owners in this fight – responsible people who don’t feel that the NRA speaks for them – so let’s keep this fight focused. The NRA is a group that’s rotten to the core and a company like Amazon should not be spreading its message. Not anymore. We must remember to respect the First Amendment above all else. If NRA members want to watch NRA TV, they can find it without Amazon’s promotion. There is no place in your home for brands that earn money through the NRA. Sign this petition, then flood Amazon’s Legal Department with calls at 206-266-4064. We already shook up their PR Department and got their long-running media hotline to temporarily shut down (206-266-7180), although it’s still worth a try during business hours, since they’ll likely put it back up again at some point.”


3)Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives –

Pass Common Sense Gun Control

“I am a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS, where the school shooting happened on 02/14/18. I am close friends with one of the victims and I want common sense gun control to be passed to prevent more families from losing loved ones in these terrible tragedies. I’m lucky that I was on the other side of the school when the shooting started and was evacuated quickly. Nick Cruz killed SEVENTEEN people, some who were freshman just starting their second semester of high school, others seniors who just committed to the colleges of their dreams. He took away their hopes and aspirations. He should not have been able to carry an assault rifle. We need to convince our elected officials that now is the time to speak up against the NRA and promote some form of gun control. They should not be worrying about how much money they will make or whether they will be re-elected. Innocent people are DYING because of gun violence. These children and heroes might be alive today. There’s a reason why other countries don’t have mass shootings and as a nation, we should work towards that. Please sign and share this petition with everyone you know. Nobody should have to face tragedies like this.”


4)Petition to U.S. Senate, President of the United States –

National High School Walk-Out for Anti Gun Violence

“We are the students, we are the victims, we are change, fight gun violence now! High School students across the U.S.A, the way to fight back is here. There has been too much complacency on the part of politicians when it comes to gun violence. The time to act is now! Public school shootings affect communities and especially teenagers. On February, 14th a High School shooting in Parkland, Florida occurred, killing 17 people. Still,  POTUS has not addressed any form of gun legislation. The majority of teenagers have no right to vote, leaving our voice unheard. The government does not hear or care how these tragedies affect our lives. Seven children and teens are killed with guns in the U.S. on an average day ( The violence of guns is being performed in our schools and our communities. Not the Senate floor. As the future of America, it is time for teenagers to speak their minds and put their frustration into action. The Plan: On Friday, April 20th, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting I propose a National High School student walk out. Walk out of school, wear orange and protest online and in your communities. Sign the petition if you pledge to do so. Nothing has changed since Columbine, let us start a movement that lets the government know the time for change is now. #nationalschoolwalkout”


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Do you see just what is happening in this Country now?  This caravan of migrants is being supported by the same group, who helped organize the March For Our Lives.  They are working on changing or even destroying the Second Amendment. Remember David Hogg? Yes, all one big happy family.

While the Democrats and the traitors on Capitol Hill are blocking border control, it allows the migrant caravan to get into the United States.

While David Hogg is wielding his power and teaming up with Media Matters and David Brock, they are working on the destruction of the Second Amendment.

So this sounds a whole lot like the change Obama promised.

It sounds a whole lot like Soros’ Open Borders policy.

As you click on links on  – you finally get to the Founder and CEO – Ben Rattray.

If you do a search of his name, company name, and George Soros – BOOM!


At this link you will find the information which links to Soros and Obama.  Remember belongs to Soros.

Micah White, a senior editor at Adbusters, gained an insider perspective on the “folly” of clicktivism after a brief stint with the Citizen Engagement Laboratory. White states:

“Former and current MoveOn employees have colonized activism internationally with behemoth second-generation clicktivist organizations, like Joan Blades’s MomsRising, Eli Pariser’s Avaaz, and Ben Brandzel’s GetUp and 38 Degrees. It is worth noting that past MoveOn employees communicate via a private email list and thereby accomplish one of their greatest deceits of all: using their organizations as mouthpieces to celebrate each other publicly without disclosing their back-room personal ties. Even those without direct connections to MoveOn often share the common feature of being wealthy technocrats whose startups were bought by a mega-corporation. Into this category fall individuals like Aaron Swartz, early developer of Reddit (now owned by Condé Nast) and founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. And some, like James Rucker, are both former MoveOn employees and rich technologists. Rucker co-founded, with Ian Inaba, the Citizen Engagement Laboratory, also in Berkeley, the umbrella organization that has adopted the ethically dubious approach of using a shared technology platform and overlapping staff to target niches while maintaining the illusion that there is no connection between the subsidiary organizations: ColorOfChange for African-Americans, Presente for Latinos, GetEQUAL for LGBT people and Food Democracy Now! for the organics movement. Many brand names, same company. Clicktivists leverage market segmentation and economies of scale to neutralize real dissent.

Clicktivist organizations grow like the capitalist cancer we are fighting. They choke out the less technically adept organizations and suck up substantial mainstream praise, typically by celebrating each other without disclosing their personal ties. Budgets bloated by philanthropic grants… “asks” watered down… emails written like bus stop marketing… uninspiring, mundane and frankly counter-revolutionary political agendas. Worse still, clicktivists export internationally the de-politicization malware that has decimated the radical left in the United States, transforming countless millions from activists into screen-addicts who want their political change to be as easy as signing an online petition.”

White resigned from Citizen Engagement Lab in disgust.

As well as being a senior advocacy director to GetUp!, Brandzel was an advocacy director for MoveOn, helping MoveOn become the largest electoral network on the internet. Recently, Brandzel has been working with the 1Goal education campaign and at as a Founding Advisor.

Ben Brandzel’s knowledge of social media is so knowledgeable that his services were requested by none other than BARACK OBAMA; Brandzel served as Director of New Media Campaigns and Fundraising for the Democratic Party and Organizing for America (successor organization to the Obama campaign) and the North Carolina Online Campaign Director for Barack Obama. Brandzel was successful in the mobilization of 20 million supporters for Obama. In addition, he worked for the presidential campaigns of Howard Dean and John Edwards (Director of Online Engagement).

Brandzel is also Chief Founding Advisor / Director of the UK’s 38, an online advocacy organization formed in 2009, which operates in a similar manner to Avaaz.

The 38 Degrees Board consists of Gordon Roddick, co-founder of The Body Shop International; Paul Hilder, former Director of Campaigns at Oxfam, GB, former Campaigns Director of and Vice President of Global Campaigns at the for-profit CHANGE.ORG; Ben Brandzel; Peter Myers(formerly Special Projects at Greenpeace and The Climate Group, a Rockefellers’ incubator for an in-house project that later evolved into a free-standing institution) whose first 12 years of his career were spent in corporate finance; Benedict Southworth (formerly with Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and Amnesty International); Henry Tinsley (former chair of Green & Blacks Chocolate, owned by Kraft); and Gemma Mortensen who worked previously in human rights posts for the International Criminal Court,an instrument for enforcing neocolonial interests in Africa.”


You see these people are connected together – Democrats – Soros – Obama – Clinton – –

They have two things in common, they seek to have global open borders, no sovereignty for country or state, AND they will do anything to destroy President Trump and the American people.

So we have traced the migrant caravan to to George Soros and to Obama.  They all form the sticky web encircling this Country, attempting to smother us and keep us down.  Next they will try to impeach President Trump with another big treasonous plan.



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