Constitutional court decided here that Police curfew is Illegal [Update no curfew]

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Curfew is illegal in Bosnia.

Now they gonna suspend some of it, then they are saying they will suspend most of it till they complain on this decision of US BiH.

Maybe people will sue again, even go for European Court for Human Rights.

They both the US BiH and rest are still braking this decision of their because of a lot of decisions of US BiH were never implemented.

A lot of people were released from quarantines after they were protesting with hunger strikes.

PS. US BiH is the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Curfew and quarantines are now almost ended in Bosnia. Advocates and people will still sue again to US BiH because not all from the decision of US BiH court isn’t implemented.

We are expecting even lockdown to be ended. Serbia is opening on Monday small businesses like barber shops etc. Bosnia will to but we don’t know when exactly.

We lost almost billion of KM in FBiH budget. The deficit is almost a billion. Before the deficit was smaller.

Croatia to is opening.

Some things will stay as prevention measures like no more a lot of people in groups, social distancing, wearing masks, and similar. But people did that even before the curfew etc.

Sh*ty country, my homeland, did this. Seems Bosnia isn’t too much a sh*ty country.

Plus people learned the law seems so. Sue the government for breaking their own law. Some are saying to sue the government for reparations for all this. Businesses were hit really badly by all of this. So they now say these businesses should sue the government for causing them a loss of money and work.

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