Construction companies are getting killed right now

by AC

We had a $400,000 job done at the place I work at over the winter. There were some delays and they still haven’t finished. The company just sent us a letter demanding their money. Even though the job isn’t finished. A subcontractor I spoke to a couple of days ago says everybody in the business is hurting for money.

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They all quoted jobs six months ago at $1.00 a liter diesel fuel, now it’s $2.25. Dump trucks were $80 an hour. Now they’re $130/Hr. The sub said there are tons of contractors who are going to go bankrupt over fuel and material price increases, including the guy who did the job for us.

And one more thing, our business is down about 15%, my estimate, so far this year. The reckoning is coming. We won’t get through the summer before it happens from what I can see.


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