Consumers max out credit cards while inflation hurts savers! Welcome to the Fed’s stagflation trap of its own making.

The U.S. consumer is maxed out. They need more stimulus in order to continue this economy. And of course, stocks need their artificial boost as well. The U.S. consumer is maxed out. Consumer sentiment is down heavily. Real estate continues to increase in price right now as we see low interest rates keep this going. There is upward pressure on markets right now globally because of the inflation of the money supply. As a result, we are finding prices of just about everything being higher. Money, cash, debt is coming into the markets at this time finding its way into stocks, bonds, real estate. People with bad credit need to fix it. FICO score. It needs to be higher and people need to get out of debt. Pay off credit cards. Repair your credit. Credit repair is important. How to fix your credit. How to repair credit.

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