Contagion! Covid Strikes, Fed Reacts, Dollar Crashes, Bitcoin And Gold Rise (Hedge Disaster With Gold … And Bitcoin)

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by confoundedinterest17

Covid struck in late 2019, but really hit markets hard in March. The Federal Reserve’s reaction to the Covid crisis (cutting of their target rate and expansion of The Fed’s balance sheet) has led to a crash in the US Dollar.

How do you hedge the negative effects of Covid and Fed intervention (two potentially lethal viruses?? Gold and Bitcoin, although gold has been trailing off lately.

Cryptocurrencies are taking it on the chin this morning, especially EOS.

This morning, the US Dollar (green for greenbacks) is up, Bitcoin (white) is down and gold (gold?) is recovering from an early decline.

As we know, Bitcoin is not a coin.

But gold is … gold.

Jesse’s Cafe Americain has excellent metals charts.

This post goes out to Brittany Murphy. No, not that one.





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