Context: Here’s how much money Americans have in their 401(k)s at every age

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by WillingEggplant

via MSN:

To give you an idea of how your retirement savings stack up against your peers, check out the average 401(k) balances in Fidelity accounts, as of the second quarter of 2018, broken down by age. The data was provided to CNBC Make It by Fidelity, the nation’s largest retirement-plan provider:

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Age 20 to 29: $11,500

Age 30 to 39: $42,700

Age 40 to 49: $103,500

Age 50 to 59: $174,200

Age 60 to 69: $192,800

Here are the average contribution rates by age, also from Fidelity:

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Age 20 to 29: 6.8 percent

Age 30 to 39: 7.6 percent

Age 40 to 49: 8.4 percent

Age 50 to 59: 10 percent

Age 60 to 69: 11.1 percent


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