Continuing to depend on China is a very serious national security threat that is no longer deniable and the US must act immediately.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Chinese Control of Supply Chain Is National Security Threat.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R., Wyo.) said Chinese control of the pharmaceutical supply chain was a national security threat and that the United States must use its military to confront China around the world.

“Look at what they’ve been able to do with respect to supply chains,” Cheney said Thursday morning on the Hugh Hewitt Show. “That is in and of itself a national security threat: The extent to which they now produce so many of the pharmaceuticals that we need, produce so many of the components that go into pharmaceuticals that are produced in other countries, and the real national security threat that poses.”

Cheney said that Chinese cyberattacks on the United States, combined with China’s control of pharmaceutical production, have led to a “nightmare scenario” in which the authoritarian regime has access to vital classified information while the United States is unable to produce life-saving medicine on its own.

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Indeed. If the UN is going to toe the Communist Party line, China can pay for the whole damn thing.

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