Cops continue to use these highly inaccurate field test kits when they feel like ruining someone’s life.

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States and districts take their time with actual lab results and nobody is ever held accountable. Here’s another case of one. She was also initially out of gas and a corrupt deputy decided to investigate her rather than help her.
Florida woman jailed for 5 months because of a failed field drug test. The lab test took 7 months to come back, revealing it was a vitamin. She was initially charged with trafficking oxycodone. Charges were dropped, but these tests continue to be used after numerous reports of them being a failure

 – Rebecca Shaw is not a criminal, but for months, she was treated like one. The mother of four — who didn’t break the law or do anything wrong — sat in jail for five long, agonizing months.
“It felt like my whole life was over. It was terrible,” Rebecca exclaimed.  “My kids were devastated. I was away for five months. I cried constantly.”
Rebecca’s perfect storm of hell started when she ran out of gas on the road. A Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled up behind her, but instead of helping her, he asked if he could search her car.
“[He] said, ‘What are these?’ Rebecca recalled.
She told him they were vitamins, but he apparently didn’t believe her.
“He said, ‘They don’t look like vitamins. They look like oxycodone,’” Rebecca continued.
The deputy pulled out a field drug test kit — kits used by law enforcement all over the country to detect illegal drugs.  To Rebecca’s shock, the presumptive kit produced a positive hit for oxycodone.

investigation from same news outlet.
NY Times report on their failure.
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  1. Five months on a field test result? Welcome to Amerika, the Banana Republic indeed. Fits right into Sessions cowardice.

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