Corbett Report: Announcing the 3rd Annual Real Fake News Awards!

by kit8642

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James Corbett is taking suggestion for his 2019 Real Fake News Awards. I will be suggestion the media manipulation and subsequent hate surrounds the Covington Kid (Nicholas Sandmann) story. Some may be aware a Twitter account associated with a website was used. That same account had been sourced in 6 prior news articles. It seems to me like journalists are using fake accounts in order to drum up outrage or to make points they want to highlight in their stories. Here all the information on the account Talia @2020fight and the origins of the video. It always seemed very convenient to have the rage inducing story popup on the weekend (01/19 – 1/20/2019) the media was going to have to answer for another fake news story, the Buzzfeed story Mueller himself had to correct.



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