by John Ward

The issue with Covid19 is not the virus itself, but how people have reacted to it

Yesterday I was in my local épicerie (the staff there are funnier than anything you’ll find on TV) and, being a Saturday morning, families were out in force.

I saw parents with three kids under seven all wearing carefully sized and colour coordinated masks. I saw the staff (all masked) putting high-alcohol cleaner on the caisse after every customer.

Outside in the village, people queued to get into the boulangerie with a sort of resigned acceptance. All wearing masks.

I saw 16 year old kids on Scooters wearing masks

Walking down the street alone, driving cars, making deliveries….all wearing masks. My local village has a child-rearing profile these days. A good 90% of everyone I saw has as much chance of dying from Covid19 as I do of replacing Putin as Emperor of the Russian Federation.

Today was the popular Sunday market in a stylish hamlet to the north of here. It was packed with people cheek by jowl, studying the produce or sitting ouside bars being seen. A good 80% of shoppers were wearing masks. The bars were heaving by 10.30 am, with almost no people wearing masks.

In the small, chintzy tourist shops, butchers and newsagents, however, people were queueing outside because they were still applying the ‘maximum of two customers at a time’ rule.

The general impression one got from this tableau was that people think coffee and alcohol will keep C19 at bay, otherwise (in other shops) you need social distancing…..even though you’ve spent the morning milling around in a football crowd.

By 11 am the temperature was 35°C. There is no way on Earth that this virus can transmit in that heat and humidity. In France, there have been no cases or deaths from the virus since last Thursday.

The insanity of the different parts of the population in this moronic charade has been, variously, to behave like frightened children, to confuse everyone and overdramatise, to distort the stats and obfuscate the facts, and to seemingy have no sensitivity as to the need for a common sense, calm approach to innocent people.

This is the terrifying thing about Covid19…..not the virus itself.

The average Citizen

I have long held that the French are a nation of collaborators, but in this case there have been a variety of rationales used by those who have neither the time nor the intellect to write the Contrick19 bollocks off as nonsense.

It started with “it’s a war” (thank you, Mr President), and everyone being united against this deadly killer. Then it segued into “it’s our duty to obey the rules” and the novelty of medicinal handwashes, fitting masks, queueing for everything and sharing a lifeboat to survive.

Then it took an unpleasant turn as the “news” got worse, such that hay-fever sufferers like me who sneeze and cough in queues became the recipients of glares, tuts, and people trying to move further away but succeeding only in getting too close to the person in front…thus annoying them.

Lockdown too – at first – was a novelty. Then it became clear that the government had lied about mask effectiveness, and was even as late as March throwing away perfectly good C19 management cocktails.

Now surveys are showing that a growing minority of citizens are flatly oposed to Lockdown2.

But mask-wearing – utterly pointless in an environment of near-zero infection – continues.

CONCLUSION: the great majority of the electorate are very easily duped into mass obedience.

The political Establishment and the MSM

In France, at the outset Covid19 looked like a win-win for Macron. His “war” speech was widely approved, and the lockdown seen by most as a decisive – even courageous – move.

But the ban on mass gatherings – and heavy-handed nature of the ‘attestation’ Lockdown surveillance imposed – attracted critics from both the Left and the apolitical Gilets Jaunes….who found their ability to oppose Macron’s neoliberal socio-economic policies severely curtailed.

Latterly, there are signs (again, very much in the minority) that some are catching on to Macron’s acceptance of bad advice offered with a dubious agenda….economically, very expensive advice.

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Today, after firing Prime Minister Eduard Philippe, the President is treading deep water…but the split in the overall Opposition remains (as in the UK) unlikely to represent a real threat to his Second Term.

The media’s role in the Covid saga has been discussed endlessly at The Slog. Suffice to record here that, as with the political class, its main role has been to confuse the public and exaggerate the danger.

The evidence to hand suggests strongly that this is a consistent aspect of public information about the virus pretty much throughout the First World.

CONCLUSION: neither our legislators nor our media owners are immune to malign hype and corrupt globalist influence

Big Pharma & Medical “researchers”

From the outset of Covid19’s still mysterious and hotly debated appearance on the news radar of Planet Earth, a narrative developed insisting that the virus was ‘novel’ in precisely the same sense as the ‘Novochok’ affair that involved the “poisoning” of the father-daughter Skripal double-agent British spies.

The then UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson lied about ‘confirmation’ of Novochok as Russian-inspired and deadly. Completely over-the-top media coverage of scifi disaster guys in astronaut-like protective clothing quickly followed.

But oddly, none of those who helped the couple taken ill in a public park died – or even developed symptoms of this “deadly” germ warfare weapon. But when the local hospital issued a statement saying that “neither victim appears to us to have sustained a life-threatening infection”, it quickly became the subject of a D-Notice.

Here too, the goal was the creation of fear: in this case, of the all-conquering power of President Rasputin.

Over and over again, dodgy characters like Neil Ferguson and Peter Horby (bankrolled by the same depraved media set and the massive First World Pharma lobby) have countered every attempt to suggest that this is a fairly standard virus of the Corona school.

Very little of this is borne out by observational research: it is blindingly obvious that C19 is “normal” in that is seasonal; it has been statistically proven that – while highly infectious – it is benign in over 99% of cases, and tends to kill only those with other pathogens that make it easier to overcome natural resistance.

By and large, Covid19 is merely one more “cull” sent to ensure the death of the old and weak who are of little or no use to the species. Please not, however, rush to the concusion that I rejoice in that conclusion – not least because, at the age of 72, I am a vulnerable target with an allergic resperitory problem. I merely accept it as part of natural science.

That said, Sir Mark Sedwill’s obsessive interest in C19 as a bioweapon does make one ponder on the subject of an ongoing Natural v Laboratory origin debate.

CONCLUSION: There is an unhealthy funding relationship between Big Pharma and academic researchers that suggests the triumph of money over objectivity

Law enforcement

Both here in France and in the UK, there can be little doubt that both the Gendarmes and 21st century Plod did not entirely cover themselves in glory when it came to the administration of Lockdown.

Here where I reside, the French State collected in the region of €27 million in fines exacted for Lockdown offences in the first fortnight alone…effectively treating them as parking or speeding fines – aka, more hidden taxes.

In UK metropolitan centres, the cops patrolled public parks with a view to poking the public in the eye simply because they sat on the grass in groups.

They did not, however, apply the same policy to Black Lives Matter demonstrations, wherein government recommendations (however flawed) were openly flouted.

CONCLUSION: First World citizens can no longer assume that their police forces follow an apolitical Rule of Law

None of this is, in any real sense, news. I present it merely as solid evidence that there is a dangerous equation in play – one in which it rapidly becomes clear to the open mind that enormous questions demand media enquiry:

  • Narrow, conformist and ideology-riddled education has left our electorates vulnerable to persuasion based on unfounded assertion: élite minorities are doing the thinking for them.
  • This is reflected in the serial insults to the citizens’ intelligence in politico-media output, and the unthinking acceptance behaviour of those citizens in obeying the risible “advice” they are given.
  • The conflict of interest between the medical “experts” and the monied vaccinators goes largely unrecognised by the average voter, who still labours under the illusion that our legislative representatives put our needs ahead of all others.
  • The fact that civil police forces have been profoundly poiticised passes most voters by: the idea of telling a knee-bending idiot copper to fuck off simply doesn’t occur to them.

Inevitably, we arrive back at the Perfect Storm: electorates with sheepish tendencies ruled over by wolves in sheep’s clothing largely assured of media support in maintaining their disguise.

The enormous enigma that remains uninvestigated will not go away: why did perfectly intelligent leaders take such a crass decision on the virus mortality v gdp loss cost benefit analysis – when anyone with GCSE maths would’ve rejected it out of hand?

The People live in vain hope of a cure for Covid 19. My diagnosis ignores one unexceptional virus in favour of the broader malaise: a disinformed citizenry far too willing to accept any old claptrap put out to distract, distort and disqualify their natural (but woefully atrophied) ability to tell Truth from Tosh.




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