Coronavirus exposes weak pathetic world governments that incapacitated by a virus they knew was coming for 2 months: Canada, Iran, Egypt and Thailand.

by themeanbeaver

China has been battling Coronavirus and the rest of the world could see the measures they took to TRY to contain it. And We know with all that effort china’s numbers are way more than they report daily.

So what does the rest of the stupid countries do? No screening, no mandatory isolation of sick from family and public. No travel ban or filtering for inbound people from highly infected areas.

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The three big visibly incompetent countries that refuse to take ANY common sense precautions to slow the rapidly growing numbers are: Canada, Iran, Egypt, and Thailand.

These countries are going to reap the rewards of their inaction and complete failure of their leaders. These countries are all soon to be on some stricted international travel ban lists.

As a Canadian, it’s quite embarrassing when Sri Lanka has better airport screening medical precautions than our country. I guess we have too many old age folks they want to cull in Canada. There is no other reason why the useless government is behaving this irresponsible. All major populated provinces are exposed via 2months of unabated travel from Iran and China; Ontario, BC and Quebec.

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