Coronavirus farce as Italy allows planes fly to the US from so-called quarantine zones without passengers facing any checks

Italy enacted a quarantine for 16million people on Sunday
However, flights are still going in and out of those northern quarantined cities including Milan, Venice and Parma
The CDC says travelers flying out of Italy and South Korea will be exit screened
Travelers landing in US from those countries won’t be checked out after landing
Atlanta Airport tweeted only travelers landing from Iran and China are screened
On March 1, Trump vowed that anyone returning from ‘high risk countries’ would be screened before they boarded planes and once they had returned to the US
Around 50,000 US citizens are thought to currently reside in Italy
It is not clear if the US government is developing any plans to bring them home
Italy has the highest number of cases outside China, the epicenter of the virus

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Flights from the US are still flying to Italy even though officials quarantined several cities due to the coronavirus outbreak, and passengers returning stateside from the region will not be screened upon landing.

Italy is facing the worst coronavirus epidemic outside of China and on Sunday quarantined 16million people, banning citizens from entering or leaving northern cities including Milan, Venice, and Parma.

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However, flights are still entering and exiting Italy and other parts of the world.

Passengers travelling to US airports from Italy won’t be screened upon landing in the States as officials say travelers will be checked out by Italian officials.

The Centers for Disease Control states that in the US airports will conduct entry screening for travelers from China and Iran but not for people arriving from Italy and South Korea because those countries will do exit screenings, the Atlanta Airport revealed to passengers in a tweet on Sunday.