Coronavirus is about to trigger a global economic crisis, and the public doesn’t care because the media won’t publicize it.

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by leakinglego

Let me share some facts for those still don’t know. Coronavirus is at least 20x deadlier than the flu. Coronavirus is extremely infectious with an r naught of 3 maybe even up to 6.7 according to this Los Alamos preprint. For reference, seasonal flu is about 1.3, and r naught is how many people will get infected on average by one person. There have been super spreaders that have done real damage all by themselves. Here is a worrying comparison graph showing COVID19 in relation to other recent outbreaks like SARS, Ebola, and MERS.

China’s carbon emissions have massively dropped. The Hubei province isn’t working and people are being weldedinside their homes. You want to know how these people feel? Listen to the chilling sounds they make at night. 10% of the worlds population is under some type of quarantine and this is what is in the papers. Ebola and SARS, were heavily sensationalized, so why not coronavirus too? This difference alone, should scare people. In fact, this post would never make it to the front page, because I am saying what the media won’t.

China is blatantly faking their numbers, and the virus has gone exponential in Italy and South Korea the past few days. The White House has openly stated they have no faith in China’s numbers. The WHO has literally asked the media not to sensationalize the coronavirus to keep people from panicking. Twitter doesn’t allow it to trend even though #coronavirus is popping every second of the day. Google search results won’t even show data for COVID19 searches (edit: a commenter has debunked this, my browser was geolocked. Apologies), and shows coronavirus plummeting to almost no daily searches. Need I keep going??

Coronavirus meets all the criteria of pandemic , yet the WHO wont declare it as such. The media is completely ignoring the biggest pandemic to occur in a century.

On one hand, it makes sense not to panic the public, because economic crisis could be even worse than COVID-19 itself. And it’s working. Nobody cares, nobody sees the problem.

Economic crisis isn’t good for anybody, so why cause panic? Unfortunately, this can’t go on forever, economic crisis is upon us. It’s not an if, but a when. I hope this made you realize the true extent of this problem.

All COVID-19 confirmed statistics – keep in mind that these are only people that have been tested and confirmed. China doesn’t even count those who die in their homes and were never explicitly confirmed. Take these as extremely conservative numbers. – China especially don’t have the facilities to test all those that are asymptomatic or not very ill – If I had to guess, I’d say that at the least, 3x this number has been infected



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