CoronaVirus Is Confirmed As Airborne

It’s Airborne Guys

“Disease spread through both direct (droplet and person-to-person) as well as indirect contact (contaminated objects and airborne transmission) are indicated, supporting the use of airborne isolation precautions

This Explains it all the Government’s reaction, heavy Quarantine, Disinfecting air and streets in China, it’s virulent nature, this really is unlike any other Influenza and “Common Cold” type virus outbreak ever seen in human history!

This means if you open a door where someone was who is a asymptomatic and shedding the air can waft it to another room, or outside and potentially inside, without needing to be attached to airborne water droplets like normal colds and flu !!!

Now one of the Lead Authors is imho very interesting for many reasons, and if he has put his name on this, then the Military, white house etc. all know already and did before this was released and puts REAL gravitas behind the findings.

Here he is:

Associate Professor in Infectious Diseases, James Lawler, M.D., M.P.H at Nebraska University

His history is VERY TELLING!

Who is heavily linked to the Military, Ebola, Infectious disease, White House and Homeland Security, Biodefence and such like, and knows his stuff to say the least in this Field:

“Executive director of international programs and innovation at the Global Center for Health Security and director of clinical and biodefence research at the National Strategic Research Institute.”


“Dr. Lawler came to the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2018 following a military career in which he served as a Navy Commander, and was chief of clinical biodefence research at the Naval Medical Research Center, Fort Detrick, Maryland. He was an attending physician at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and served White House assignments as Homeland Security Council and National Security Council staff, where he worked on biodefence, pandemic response and health preparedness. Dr. Lawler has field experience treating Ebola patients in sub-Saharan Africa, and served as a subject-matter expert in the training of Department of Defence medical personnel to work with infectious-diseases patients.

He was with others checking for this, before publication Homeland White House Military etc. knew the results, also they knew probably from their own research and 5 eyes etc. from Chinese in January.

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Wow Just Wow terrifying and Life will never be the same for the planet, Nothings Shut Up!

The Following explains it all and WHY NONE OF THE WORKERS HAVE GOT SICK

Unlike every other health setting fighting this in the world.

Notice the way the corridoors are set up.

This practice and results that no further spread of the virus to any doctors or Nurses helping them, is anecdotal evidence of what the Study has proven.

Unfortunately there is no way all hospitals can be set up like this as the


Staffing Levels



THIS BELOW confirms the report as all other places of care even with good PPE and careful infectious disease control measures are resulting in sick Nurses and Doctors and quite a lot are dying, as evidenced a long time ago it seems now, by the original whistelblower Doctor from China:



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