Coronavirus is so widespread and super contagious that going to a near empty gym is instant death yet everything else is safe!? Anyone else tired of this pick and choose shit!?

by bjjjudothrowaway1992

I’m tired of being bitched at for going to the gym to work out & just enjoy myself for an hour because I choose not to live in fear anymore. Also tired of people bitching to me about Social distancing too sorry but if

  • People can Protest super close to each other in huge crowds with no distancing and sometimes no mask(no matter the cause whether it’s for BLM or re-open/Anti mask) many people I know who went actually tested negative afterwards so is covid really that bad?
  • restaurants and bars are allowed to be open
  • cdc saysyou can totally hook up with a stranger as long you’re following covid guidelines🤣(wait a minute I thought we must distance at all times? You can’t distance during sex)
  • Dr.fauci can flip flop and now say voting in person is safe yet going to the gym or hanging with a small group of friends is not(wtf?)

Then please explain to me why anyone should have a cow about me going to the gym for an hour? The above mentioned things are way riskier if we’re gonna compare! Honestly people need to just mind their business I been locked down for awhile until this month when I decided to way fuck it & do my own thing!


isclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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