Coronavirus – Italian auto supplier warns car groups’ production lines may be brought to a standstill

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by SpontaneousDisorder

“All the other FCA plants in Europe and those of Renault, BMW and Peugeot will close too,” MTA said.

Wow, the whole article is a great read.

Japan has shut all schools for a month and a half. Japan doesn’t really do childcare so parents will have to stay home from work.

Can governments continue to be so heavy handed in there response to coronavirus?

Still not much signs of life in China despite being told people are going back to work.

China financial markets doing best in the world though

Daily updates about supply chain issues


Supply chain collapse?


The globalised economy has become more complex (connectivity, interdependence, and speed), de-localized, with increasing concentration within critical systems. This has made us all more vulnerable to systemic shocks. This paper provides an overview of the effect of a major pandemic on the operation of complex socio-economic systems using some simple models. It discusses the links between initial pandemic absenteeism and supply-chain contagion, and the evolution and rate of shock propagation. It discusses systemic collapse and the difficulties of re-booting socio-economic systems

PDF 10 pages



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