Corporate Debt Could Be the CATALYST To the Global Economic Collapse! Now RECORD HIGH!

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Many have begun to speculate that the sheer amount of debt is no longer something that can be swept under the rug. This is particularly evident with corporate debt at record highs and the surging defaults becoming more and more apparent. This can’t end well even though we are told the Fed will save the day. But I guess they really helped us out in 2008, right?


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What is your opinion on corporate debt right now? A BIG or SMALL risk?

The biggest red flag for the next recession? Corporate debt-to-cash ratios, top economist says

Record corporate debt isn’t a red flag — for now–for-now.html

Will Corporate Debt Cause The Next Recession?

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China corporate bonds: Experts warn of more defaults

Margin-Debt-Free-Cash-Balance-111618.png (912×605)

Margin-Debt-SP500-111618.png (917×605)

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Euribor rates – all information on Euribor

Christie’s Tops Sotheby’s in Monster Week for Auction Sales


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