Corporations are destroying the economy due to their incompetence, and now are trying to tell people that they’re not allowed to complain.

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by hererightnowrightnow

Has anyone else noticed the new manipulation tactic being used by the media?

If you know anyone in your life who complains about the economy, the collusion of corporations and government (corporatism), the systematic exploitation of the American people, the economy designed to maintain the current power structure, or anything else of a serious nature, you’re supposed to get rid of that person and cut off all communication ties.

This is the same manipulation tactic used by cults and nefarious religions for centuries: degrade, shun, and ignore. When regarding government, it’s a tactic directly removed from 1984 – Anyone who criticizes big brother is to be immediately shunned and reported to authority figures (i.e. idiots in uniform).

This is a cunning tactic, because it disallows informed people to spread useful information to the ignorant. According to the greasy-sick-to-your-stomach opium-addicted-hamburger-bloated cousin fuckers in the media, Americans should only be discussing shallow, lightweight, happy subjects. Fuck anyone trying to introduce profundity to the conversation.

Fuck anyone complaining about the global banking conspiracy. Watch Wendy and her silicon-injected face talk about your favorite pedophile celebrities instead.

Fuck talking about foreign meddling in the U.S. government. Instead, watch the eunuch Jimmy Fallon throw water on Tom Cruise.

Just don’t complain or spread information. Remember that.

You are free to do as they tell you 😉




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