CORRUPT BROWARD COUNTY – DWS – Dead FEDERAL Prosecutor – What is the Connection to the Corruption at the Sheriff, PD, and School District?

Authorities in Florida are investigating the death of a Miami federal prosecutor and father of three after his body was found on a beach in Hollywood, Florida, on Wednesday.
The body was identified by local police as Beranton Whisenant Jr., 37, and his cause of death is currently being investigated as a crime. Police say he suffered a head wound.
Whisenant worked in the major crimes unit of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami.
Go here for a detailed Twitter feed explaining the corruption:
When I read the CTH thread about the Broward sheriff, the Broward school board, and not repeating crimes as a way to raise federal dollars, three thoughts came to mind:

  1. Now we know why CNN is pushing gun control so hard: they’re trying to distract from the real scandal
  2. Now we know why the Broward sheriff appears in photos with Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden
  3. Do we now know why a federal prosecutor was found murdered in Broward county?

It’s illegal to steal federal dollars. It’s shameful and illegal to pervert law enforcement to steal federal tax dollars. It’s WAY over the line when kids are shot dead ar school as a result of stealing federal tax dollars.
Time to start the rotors.
Officer Scot Peterson didn’t engage Nikolas Cruz
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