Corrupt Chicago Mayor Caught On Camera — It’s Over!

Lori Lightfoot, a radical leftist mayor of embattled Chicago, is being called ‘Lori Leadfoot’ because she has been caught in a speeding vehicle.

“Just when you think Lori Lightfoot couldn’t be an even bigger hypocrite if she tried, she finds a way to one-up herself,” Dan Eberhardt, a political commentator, posted on Twitter.

Some of the most obvious proof that you live in an authoritarian state is when elite rules make laws for others that they and their friends and associates do not abide by and pay no consequences for breaking.

“Mayor Lori Lightfoot was accused Tuesday of “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy amid revelations that some SUVs whisking the mayor around the city have received more tickets for speeding and running red lights that have gone unpaid,” The Chicago Suntimes reported, in response to the news that Lightfoot doesn’t care what is happening in her vehicle- at the same time she is pushing laws onto the little people in her district.

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She is free to speed- but others are not.

“Lori Leadfoot! Chicago mayor is condemned as it’s revealed her official SUVs have racked up at least eight traffic tickets – NONE of them paid – for speeding and running red lights with footage capturing their brazen bad driving,” The Daily Mail reported slamming Lightfoot and her regime.


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