Corruption and failure, signs of a collapsing society. A rant.

by Zap_Powerz

Western civilization is dying before our eyes.

Our political processes are sclerotic, dysfunctional, corrupt and unable to address the problems we face as a society. It does not matter what political religion you belong to, it is a fact that our system is corrupt and broken, and your party shares a measure of blame.

Religion is also corrupt and has failed to provide direction and meaning for its followers. It does a fine job of raping kids and stealing money from gullible followers though. Religion is failing because science is replacing it. Fewer and fewer people believe in magical thinking (required to be a believer). This is not a terrible thing per se, but it is a sign of a collapsing society.

The judicial system is corrupt and exists to punish the poor and protect the powerful. We have a for profit system designed to enrich the rich and punish the poor for profit. There is no justice system.

Entertainment is corrupt. It exists to promote the ideas of the powerful. It exists to make people stupid and consume things they do not need or want. It exists to destroy the family which is the basic unit of civilization. Destroy the family, you destroy a civilization.

The family has been destroyed. More people live in broken families than in intact families.

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Education is corrupt and has failed to educate. We teach kids what to think, not how to think. Higher education exists for one reason now: to make money. Its a racket. You have to go deep into debt to even start playing the economic game. Universities exist to extract as much money from you as they can while at the same time filling your head with garbage.

Money has been corrupted. Fiat currency is designed to make us debt slaves. We work harder than ever before and we are making less than we were 40 years ago. More people are on some kind of means tested government subsidy than are not. We have more people dependent on the government than not.

Personal failure. As a result of the overwhelming failure of our system and society, more and more people are turning to drugs, booze and suicide. They cannot mentally, emotionally manage their lives so they turn to anything that feels good or they just end it. We have an opioid epidemic.

Food and water supply collapse and failure. Americans are the fattest people on the planet. We consume more food than we need and most of the food we consume is toxic. We have a diabetes and obesity epidemic. We are literally poisoning ourselves to death with what we eat and drink.

Health collapse. We are getting sicker, fatter, dumber and dying younger and we are paying more and more for it! Our health care industry extracts as much money from us as it can and does not promote health. It promotes dependence and barely manages to keep us alive, suffering with our self inflicted maladies, for as long as they can bilk us for money.

The list goes on. Every day I read the news I see more evidence this culture as died and has been replaced with consumerism, distraction, drugs.

There is no way to fix any of this. We are not going to one day decide its time to change our ways and reverse course. This level of dysfunction and failure only ends when it dies and is long gone from memory. We cannot fix what is broken. Sometimes things just die/end and there is nothing that can be done. This is one of those times.


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