Corsica shooting: ‘Sniper’ opens fire on crowd – One confirmed dead, six are injured

One is now confirmed dead according to several French news sources.

Corsica shooting: ‘Sniper’ opens fire on crowd – five injured in attack on French island

POLICE on the French island of Corsica surrounded a home after a “sniper” opened fire on a crowd inuring at least five people.

Heavily armed officers laid siege to a building in the tourist hotspot of Bastia following after the gunman reportedly took two people hostage. The suspect began firing at passersby in the coastal town at around 3.30pm GMT (4.30pm local time), according to French media. Officials said one person is seriously injured while one of those hurt is reportedly a police officer.

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The shooting took place in Lupino, a neighborhood known as the no-go zone in Bastia.

The local new site Corse Matin says one died and 6 were injured from shooting exchange and knifings.

No names are given. I suspect it might be considered racist if they give out names. Corsican cities have a fair amount of Muzzies in their midst.

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You can use your favourite online translator for more details.


Video with comment in French

It says the RAID special unit was called in from Marseille. They have arrived on site. The shooter, age 70, already known by the police, is entrenched inside his home.

It isn’t clear if the special forces have taken action against the shooter yet.

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