Costco Panic Buying, an update.

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by COHunter1337

I just got back from a trip to Costco, shit is way worse than I thought, there was a somber mood in the building as we all went to the toilet paper pallets only to find 2 halves of a pallet left. The other picture is of what’s left of a Campbell’s pallet they put out a day ago.

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Lots of water buying, TP buying (idk why I mean who takes that many shits, just fuckin use 4 squares instead of a god damn hand turban each time), and the biggest one RICE. Rice is sold the fuck out, they went through 7 pallets in a day. I talked to the stock guy and he said they don’t even know where the rice truck is. In addition he said that TP pallet allocation for this week is only 3 pallets.

I don’t want to be a gay panic doomsdayer but if you haven’t thought about buying just a little more stock for your home, it might be the time, supplies are low and the supply chain is getting worse.

Also, pro tip, go to Business Costco, it’s different than a regular Costco, yes your membership can get you in, no, there aren’t any additional requirements. Nobody knows about these things and they are about 10% as crowded. You can get 50 pounds of chicken for $50 dollars and a whole pig for about 100$. It’s cash money.


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