Could Comey of flipped and has been working with Trump the entire time? Interesting Twitter post connecting the dots.

Saw this on Twitter earlier today. Very good read. I’ll admit I’m very conflicted about Comey. Everything and everyone tells us he’s a black hat and we should all hate him.

However if you look at everything he’s done. Everything. It’s only helped Trump. For example, Self admitting he told Trump he wasn’t under FBI investigation, re-opening Hilary investigation a week before the election, incriminating himself on leaking classified information to the press, self admitting Lynch ordered him to call Hilary investigation a matter (while it was an actual investigation). Just goes on and on.

Anyway this tweet really pieces much of that together nicely.

I have no doubt Comey has done some bad things under orders and played a dirty game in the past. However you have to wonder if he flipped a long time ago. He really hasn’t hurt Trump in any way whatsoever. He’s done the opposite, he’s helped Trumps cause at every turn and really only hurt himself.

1) James Comey , What you refused to notice because you are programmed to hate him. 5 Things he knew and we did not for 11 months AFTER he gave his famous Presser on Hillary’s email case July 5th 2016. You all have herd this stuff, but not in a time line which gives us context.

READ  “The entire DeceptiCon wing of the professional political class is going to come out advancing the case for Nikki Haley to be the standard-bearer of the GOP. Haley is the Mitt Romney of John McCains.”

2) April 2016 Adm Rogers is alerted the “About Query” is being misused. Rogers testified the first thing I did was Alert FBI Dir Comey. When asked why , He stated. The FBI is the only agency with investigative powers
(Per Rogers testimony March 20 2017)

 Comey was instructed by Loretta Lynch to call the Email case “A matter”. The “Same” term the Clinton Campaign was using. Additionally his own conclusions about the case were altered by DOJ/FBI people.

4) Comey originally used the EXACT phrase in the law which would have made Hillary Guilty. That was altered By DOJ/FBI personal to cover her dirty deeds. He was also aware of information accusing LYNCH of direct communications with Top DNC Officials during the email case

 And the big one no one really has explained to us. THE TAR MAC MEETING staring Loretta Lynch and Billy Boy Clinton. This matters because of how we found out these 2 met. Its important to understand how these 2 got Caught. IT WAS NO ACCIDENT. No random reporter was at airport

READ  Sunny Hostin’s Latest Attack on Trump PROVES She’s Suffering from TDS

6) News reports said a reporter was at the airport and caught these 2 meeting. It was also said there was video footage. And this reporting is key because it Prompted Bill and Lynch to publicly ADMIT they meeting happened.

What really happened and what video ? Are below


The meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton might not have been known if not for a local reporter who received a tip about it.

7) YOU Must watch This is how they really got caught . Pay attention THERE WAS A SNITCH

8-32 continue at links above…



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