Countdown to dictatorship

by John Ward


I’ve bitten countless times on the sour slice that has been the Twenty-first century so far, but I cannot remember a more bitter weekend for freedom than this one. In the Western anglosphere, two words have split the US and UK almost literally down the middle in recent years – Trump and Brexit.

They are issues – big, political issues – but primarily, they are symptoms of a fight at a cultural rather than partisan level. For the real dividing line has become the ruthless attempt by an influential and cynical alliance between politically correct faux-liberal collectivists and unelected neocon hegemonists to impose thought-control and anti-empiricism on the rest of us.

It is also been a battle between common-good pragmatic reality and Common Purpose Utopian ideologues. Between multi-cultural division and shared-values nationality. Between blocist Big and mutually manageable community. Between cold-blooded top down systemics and convivial rub-along humanity.

But most of all, between mendacious fear projection and truth-seeking philosophy….goose-stepping Groupthink versus inspired discovery….natural open-minded inquisitive science versus unnatural pseudo-settled inquisitorial catechism.

Two factors in particular muddy this otherwise stark tug-of-war: one is the tendency of pretended ‘democratic values’ among those who would in private (to use Orwell’s evocative phrase) “stamp on a human face” – but hoodwink the average voter in public; the other is the regrettable (but in many ways, understandable) apathy of the ordinary citizen who – tired of onanist legislator bombast – wants very little beyond a happy family, plus enough cash and entertainment to get by.

The first of these leads to fierce arguments at micro and macro levels as to whether such-and-such is a so-and-so or not. The second is, equally unfortunately, the key ingredient in any cultural soil most likely to let in the “likeable tyrant”.

Thus, my viewpoint about this species (and as we have only one viable place to live, planetary) crisis is contrarian: I do not see it as one evil élite versus the rest. I see it rather as a struggle between two élites of roughly equal size, with probably around 7 in 10 of us little more than confused spectators watching a needle match…one in which the officials seem to take penal decisions based on muddled (and corrupt) observations about fair means versus foul.

The problem for those who care about restoring and nurturing liberal democracy is, when it comes to the two fifteen per cents of opposing culturally aware camps, the systemic totalitarians have by far the most power.

Those defending their dangerously privileged position ‘frame’ most of the preceding observations as “wild conspiracy theory”, gloating and threatening in equal measure as they insist there is “no evidence”, “no proof” and “no grounds” for such “seditious fake news”. And of course, when they indulge in fakery, the assertions are “based on intelligence”.

So it’s important – as early on as possible in an essay such as this – to provide fresh, contemporary evidence to dull their indiscriminate blades.

The United States seems at times beyond help. To dismiss law suits crammed with evidence as ‘frivolous’ is so insane it would be funny in less serious circumstances. “Americans should not worry about these suits,” wrote Jed Shugerman, a professor at Fordham Law School, in a Washington Post article. Shugerman believes they have no merit, and should be thrown out of court. That, he added, “would highlight their shortcomings.” This is a professor of law writing. Perhaps in his spare time be speed-reads 35,000 pages of litigational evidence per day. And burns books.

There is zero will among America’s police, State judicial and federal justice departments to investigate the Giuliani allegations. The President didn’t seem to have factored that reality in.

Big money now has infinitely more value than truth in America. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla filed to sell millions of dollars of his company’s stock on the very day the pharmaceutical giant announced positive data about its coronavirus vaccine. Bourla sold 132,508 shares at a price of $41.94, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That works out to proceeds of nearly $5.6 million.

The drug has since been revealed as a nightmare of side-effects, low-temperature storage and instability. The share transaction was ‘part of a regularly scheduled plan set up by Bourla to periodically sell some of his Pfizer shares’ the company said. Of course it was.

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Does anyone seriously imagine Bourla will be investigated?

In the UK, Boris Johnson finally purged Dominic Cummings – Brexit’s most influential clean-break supporter. The usual Whitehall suspects are now briefing against David Frost, Britain’s tough-stance negotiator with Brussels. The PM’s mistress Carrie Symonds is seen as victorious in all this….and her longer-term motivations are now in very serious doubt. Both Cummings and Lee Cain were genuine Leavers. Boris didn’t plump for Leave until the last minute, and Symonds herself voted to Remain.

We should ignore all the dry-ice drivel about personality clashes: this purge was about Brexit – or rather, the perpetual and unconstitutional desire of the Unelected State to row back towards the Eutanic.

The mainstream media in both countries, however, continue to detest the two things a majority of citizens would want – Trump and Brexit – if they were fully aware of who and what Biden and Brussels represent.

OK, for any delusional Mensheviks still reading, here comes the link, people: we have to ask ourselves, what cultural features are common to both countries covered above?

They can be summarised as a servile media set loyal only to neocon coporacratic interests; an extremely selective rule of law; a bitterly divided populace; major policies being enacted by decree and based on a mixture of dubious “facts” and secrecy; and a firm conviction among Unelected Forces that the People ‘have made a mistake’.

Controled media, illegal privilege, contempt for the Constitution, anger and division in the vox populi, lies and censorship at the top, and the rise and rise of inflexible ideologies that consider themselves more important than free speech or democratic decisions. It’s already apparent, and it is real: not a model, or a conspiracy theory, but a fact. The perfect growing medium for totalitarian takeover.

And there is plenty more besides. Pumped-up private-sector social media moguls crushing dissent at will; the onward march of tracing apps, surveillance, politicised education, police defending the State not the citizen, incompetent policies driven by greed and post-modern belief denialism rather than genuine science, repression of those who expose the Secret State, insistence on full disclosure about every last citizen and tolerance of undemocratic social groups….these aren’t the products of exciteable student minds, they are measurable facts.

To add names to the ugliness, I’m referring to Twitter, Facebook, Google, WordPress, track and test, GCHQ, the NSA, the video surveillance explosion, outrageous ‘pc’ exam marking practices, cack-handed cop enforcement of social distancing nonsense, lockdown, poor quality face masks, the foul treatment of Julian Assange, the EU data protection Act, the proposed ban on encrypted online communication, the data collected by every online account, and the mayhem caused by Antifa, BLM and Islamic extremism.

Based on the Everest of evidence for all this, the balanced view has to be that the State wants to know more and more about us, but give out less and less information about what it is up to.

This is only going to get worse if the Pinched Goblins are simply allowed to carry on like this forever.

Unconfirmed reports from the White House last night suggested that, while maintaining a public face of stonewall resistance, Trump has confided in at least two aides that “it’s not a fair fight” as one lawsuit after another gets casually thrown out of the US Court system.

In the UK, a prominent Brexiteer told me, “this is a Secret State purge, and my feeling is that the timing of it came from EUNATO via the Biden people.” The source didn’t mention Sir Mark Sedwill’s name. But I would remind regular readers that I did post here three weeks ago to suggest that France in particular would stall until it saw which US candidate had “won” haha.

Sad to relate, I now have the sense that in the coming week, Donald Trump will concede to Biden, and Boris Johnson will concede to at least one key aspect of Brussels demands on Brexit.

Carrie Symonds, meanwhile, will stick with her own real allegiance: to the Conservative Party, and its blocist allies.




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