Couple makes 45 grand for taking robocalls with an app thats makes companies pay or illegal calls

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Here’s how to make robocallers pay for their calls

INDIANAPOLIS — Robocalls interrupt your day to offer you products you never asked for.

Two years ago, Kristi VonDeylen would shrug the calls off. Now, they excite her.

“I’m like, ‘Yes! Here we go. Game on!'” VonDeylen laughed.

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“Game on” because she earns serious cash chatting with the callers.

VonDeylen said in two years, she has earned more than $33,000 — big bucks she and her husband were able to put toward a vacation and debt.

Jackson Pavelka said he has made more than $45,000.

How it works
Step one, Pavelka said, is to play along.

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VonDeylen and Pavelka used a kit, which includes a $47 downloadable PDF from the site
 It claims to teach consumers how to go after robocallers for making illegal calls or texts.

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