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There has never been a country pushed into a recession because of a flu

43 firmed cases of coronavirus in Iran and 9 deaths, that’s a death rate of 20%

The RO value for the flu is between 1.4 and 1.6%, the RO value for coronaviris is between 3 and 7%.

Coronavirus has the ability to spread faster, and in more ways than the flu.

The regular seasonal flu only hospitalized about 1% of the people infected. Coronavirus hospitalizations are around 20%, and unlike the seasonal flu 5% had to be hooked up to respirators.

In America, the seasonal flu only infects about 5-20% of the population. It is estimated (by experts) that CoV-19 will infect anywhere from 60-80% of the population.

In America the seasonal flu kills about 3k-49k per year. So far, just in Wuhan, China, CoV-19 has killed the same amount of people that the seasonal flu has killed in America.

The last time that a flu had affected 1% of the population, was the Spanish flu and estimate state that 50-100 million people died from the Spanish flu.

Most people agree that the seasonal flu is not airborne or aerosolized like CoV-19.

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Normally, the seasonal flu kills the very old, the very young, or the very sick. CoV-19 is killing young healthy people.

Doctors and nurses are normally not afraid of the flu, yet with CoV-19 they are wearing full hazmat suits.

The most conservative estimates are that CoV-19 is 20 times deadlier than the conventional flu.



Here’s another critical difference:

Flu is normally an upper respiratory infection that only delivers short range aerosol transmission

2019-nCov is a lower respiratory infection

The lower respiratory area of the lungs is where 1 micron or smaller particles are manufactured just by breathing

No coughing even necessary for long distance transmissions

Each of those particles evaporates when leaving the lungs and becomes a dessicated ( dried ) particle which can then travel for miles on air currents


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