COVID-19 narrative beginning to crumble.

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Admittedly, in March and April, my wife and I were scared and I was making preparations to keep us safe and to live off the land if we hit the Lord of the Flies scenario. Around mid-May, we started to get more fidelity on the virus in terms of real numbers, statistics, and hard science. By the end of May, were letting our kids stay over at fiends houses and live their lives again. Common sense took hold. The military taught me to make use of assumptions to continue planning and that those assumptions must be reviewed and changed as appropriate.

The link attached is from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich who has worked issues and lawsuits on Deutsche Bank and VW. He lays out how this COVID pandemic has been blown out of proportion, why, and what is the reason for the idiocy. Well worth your 40 minutes.


h/t DevilDog1175


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