COVID-19 Shows Early On A Decline In Hot Moist Weather

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by Natura Naturans

More reports are coming in that COVID-19 is like the flu and colds, susceptible to warm moist climates. This could be good news as the weather turns warm in northern climates hard hit by COVID-19.

Data Analysis Indicates Coronavirus is Slowing with a Declining Fatality Rate with Warmer Weather Likely Slowing it Considerably

“The University of Maryland mapped severe COVID-19 outbreaks with local weather patterns around the world, from the US to China. They found that the virus thrives in a certain temperature and humidity channel. “The researchers found that all cities experiencing significant outbreaks of COVID-19 have very similar winter climates with an average temperature of 41 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit, an average humidity level of 47% to 79% with a narrow east-west distribution along the same 30–50 N” latitude”, said the University of Maryland.”*ejm_YFNY0zBIs56j

The green area above is where the virus is currently thriving. It does not do well in hotter and more humid environments.…siderably/…rn-states/

Although the virus is present in hotter climates it is far less prevalent and the death rate is far less. read the link for exact comparison of death rates in southern states:

“But when we look at the average number of deaths per million for the warmer Southern border states we obtain an average of 70 deaths per million or 50% of the national average.
When we look at the same average for the northern New England states the average escalates to 293 deaths per million or 213% of the national average.”…rn-states/

A study conducted 10 years ago by Kate Templeton, from the Centre for Infectious Diseases at the University of Edinburgh, UK, found that three coronaviruses – all obtained from patients with respiratory tract infections at hospitals and GP surgeries in Edinburgh – showed “marked winter seasonality”. These viruses seemed to cause infections mainly between December and April – a similar pattern to that seen with influenza. A fourth coronavirus, which was mainly found in patients with reduced immune systems, was far more sporadic.

There are some early hints that Covid-19 may also vary with the seasons. The spread of outbreaks of the new disease around the world seems to suggest it has a preference for cool and dry conditions, although it is worth noting that the virus has appeared in countries with a wide range of climates, including hot humid ones.

An unpublished analysis comparing the weather in 500 locations around the world where there have been Covid-19 cases seems to suggest a link between the spread of the virus and temperature, wind speed and relative humidity. Another unpublished study has also shown higher temperatures are linked to lower incidence of Covid-19, but notes that temperature alone cannot account for the global variation in incidence.…l-covid-19



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