COVID-19 So we know that this is about more than just a virus. Lets discuss some possibilities about what’s really going on behind the scenes.

by An Observer

What if the United States declares a National State of Emergency and we are told to bunker down and quarantine ourselves in our own homes, or be forced into designated quarantine locations ‘for the common good’?

This might seem pretty nefarious at first but could it be possible that there’s intelligence suggesting a planned invasion or insurgency and instead of showing our hand, the ‘quarantine’ is just a cover up to try to keep our people indoors while we place boots on the ground in all the major metropolitan areas?

It would make sense to me to tell the public to remain calm, don’t worry too much about the virus itself but have health officials suggesting the likelihood of a 4-8 week period of quarantining either voluntarily (preferred) or forced if there were those who wanted to buck the system. If there were things building up to a precipice behind the scenes that suggested an insurgency or invasion, then this would be the most rational and failproof way to save lives and reduce civilian casualties.

Given new and heightened surveillance measures I wonder just what sort of intel any of these MP’s would be able to gather on any one civilian that gets processed in one of these quarantine camps. I mean, just theoretically speaking.

If one was suspected to be infected could they not confiscate personal belongings, including cellphones and then use the information on that phone to harvest everything from contacts to messages to social media posts and browser history? They’ve got that information already but having it in hand would make their jobs a lot easier instead of jumping through legal hoops to procure it from the command and control kahunas. All that would be gathered in the name of ‘tracking possible spread of the virus’.

Then you’ve got to wonder what’s going to happen during those 4-8 weeks and such things like Project Zephyr come to mind and the pieces start falling into place more rapidly.

Logistically speaking, it sounds implausible to suggest that authorities could go ‘door-to-door’ as a sort of ‘wellness check’ but the possibilities of what that could mean are endless. The city-wide lockdown after the Boston incident proves this. Gun confiscation perhaps? Warrant roundups? If we’re told in no uncertain terms to stay off the streets, then you’d have to suspect that most homes would be inhabited and in a state of emergency I don’t believe authorities would be required to have a warrant to enter the home. It’s easier to find people if the streets are vacated and all buildings are closed.

Then there’s the likelihood of a ‘mandatory vaccination’ once one is announced. You either get it, or go to quarantine until you get one. Or you’re simply eliminated because you would be posing a threat to national security.

Regardless, ‘just a flu’ or not. It’s a catalyst and we know the powers that be will never let a good crisis go to waste. These are NOT the same measures we’ve seen with H1N1 or even that ebola scare. But this isn’t just about a virus and I believe most of us on here realize that by now.

Anyway, just some thoughts I wanted to kick around.



Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t represent the views of IWB.



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