COVID EXPLOSIVE: the unsettled science on vaccines being ignored & censored

by John Ward

The Slog digs deeper into the unsettled science of viruses….uncovering just how reckless the vaccination programme is, and the determination of those who prefer to keep us in the dark.

A couple of years ago, a close friend lent me a book he’d just finished reading, about the behaviour of DNA in the process of evolution. By the popular science author David Quammen, the book is called The Tangled Tree, and is largely about the work of a genius, Carl Woese, who pretty much proved that the vertical ‘Tree of Life’ proposed by Darwin was wrong. Woese helped prove the existence of HGT (horizontal gene transfer) showing that vast amounts of human DNA structure are variously animal, insect, and even plant in origin. Quammen calls this

‘….an explosive recognition of the bizarre, counterintuitive phenomenon called horizontal gene transfer and the role it has played throughout the history of life. That explosion occurred during the 1990s but had deep precedents, even before Woese’s work opened the door to appreciating its unimaginable prevalence and significance.’

He wrote that in 2018 of course, before Sars Cov2 reared its variously useful, geopolitical, economic, demonic and hyped head. Every day in almost every way, governments around the world tell us one enormous lie. They tell lots of smaller ones too (see latest Slog Essay) but this 14 pounder is a veritable pike of a Gigafib. It is this: that they know the new vaccines from Astrazeneca and Pfizer are perfectly safe.

The key reason it’s a lie is because nobody can know that. I mean literally, nobody on this Earth: immediate side effects are not (for me) the main event here…..although even that, as we shall see, is bringing forth widespread doubt. Rather, there are two interconnected and vital points that could very well be horribly significant:

  1. A bunch of sorcerer’s apprentices messing about with a brand new field of injected medical methodology they as yet only barely understand, when the preferable option of naturally gained immunity would be better for the species against future Sars variants…and vastly better for society in terms of economic cost. The genetic manipulation involves the use of m_RNA to stimulate antibodies: it works the first time – to an extent; but later it can produce an unpredictable ‘overdose’ of resistance that is – make no mistake here – already killing some of the more vulnerable in our society. Virusecrecy (as I call it) is shuffling the animal tests done on these products out of the limelight. But several whistleblowers have claimed that, once faced with a second virus attack, most of the animals died.
  2. The increasingly doubtful “certainty” expressed by government health officers that the m_RNA (non human) gloop cannot change the DNA.

This second point is in doubt because of evidence we already have to hand about Covid; but if you read The Tangled Tree, you will quickly grasp that it offers huge support for the conclusion that – counterintuitive or not – HGT makes a nonsense of the vaxxer claim. Quammell again:

‘[in the early 1990s] Many researchers followed Woese’s lead, using ribosomal rRNA as the basis for comparing one organism with another, judging relatedness and constructing trees of life. But then, as new tools and methods made gene sequencing easier and faster, and as more powerful computers allowed analysis of the vast troves of genomic data, researchers went far beyond 16S rRNA, comparing other genes and whole genomes. What they found surprised them: that many genes had moved sideways from one lineage of life into another.’

In fact, analysis now shows that every time an insect bites or stings you, there’s a good chance it alters your DNA. Even a living wood splinter can do it. The idea that mRNA cannot alter human DNA is an unscientific myth.

All of us are walking about with other-species sequences in our DNA structures, and have been for millennia; so far, it doesn’t appear to have done us any harm. But this has been a natural and gradual process of species protection via immunity: not a jab where a potentially lab-created virus is being attacked by a non-human mRNA formulation rushed to market that – allegedly – resulted in widespread medium-term death during animal tests.

Remember: this is all spanking new technology, and highly unsettled science. As Quammel points out, at this microscopic level are ‘three domains that should henceforth be known as the Bacteria, the Eucarya (now known as Eukarya, a better transliteration of the Greek roots, meaning “true kernel,” because of the cell nucleus) and the Archaea’. But the Eukarya have already been mapped and produced four sub-types, while several researchers are now arguing that there should be four domains.

But here is a truly staggering fact: viruses are not included in the domains because they are not seen as life forms at all. They’re not even dead; according to those who decide these things – and are then proven wrong within five years – they were never alive.

First of all, this strikes me as an incredibly cavalier conclusion I would challenge on many bases, not least of which is the obvious fact that viruses have a survival instinct: when attacked, they mutate; when short of victims, they starve. Even sub-atomic particles (also excluded from the domains…for now) demonstrate intelligence: thus, when faced with an obstacle capable of stopping their progress as a wave, they can switch at will into a particle. Are scientists now telling us that non-living things can think?

And secondly – whatever weird form of Zombie these things are – what killed the animals at the trial stage? Finally, how in God’s name did the Covid task force reach the insane decision, in that light, to go ahead? You may well ask: but remember – Hancock lied to the Commons about what level of certication the MHRA judges had given the Pfizer and Astrazenaca products.

The concept I’m introducing here is not “conspiracy theory”. It has one simple thesis: nobody knows how safe or otherwise these vaccines are. Anyone and everyone telling you they’re safe is a liar, and very probably a fool. My synthesis of the information to hand – and yes, we continue to need more – is that we have a lot of pointy-heads here with impressive letters after their names who really do not know the bare half of those mysteries in which they are dabbling.

Onwards into the growing proof of that….

In mid February this year, the highly informative and medically sound site here posted a piece by “Dr Doug” in which the following extract is alarming to say the least (my emphases):

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‘…..we’ve been told in no uncertain terms that it would be impossible for the mRNA in a vaccine to become integrated into our DNA, simply because “RNA doesn’t work that way.” Well, this current research which was released not too long after my original article demonstrates that yes, indeed, “RNA does work that way”. In my original article, I spelled out this exact molecular pathway. Specifically, a new study by MIT and Harvard scientists demonstrates that segments of the RNA from the coronavirus itself are most likely becoming a permanent fixture in human DNA. This was once thought near impossible, for the same reasons which are presented to assure us that an RNA vaccine could accomplish no such feat. Against the tides of current biological dogma, these researchers found that the genetic segments of this RNA virus are more than likely making their way into our genome. They also found that the exact pathway that I laid out in in my original article is more than likely the pathway being used (retrotransposon, and in particular a LINE-1 element) for this retro-integration to occur.’

On March 12th, Iain Davis at UKColumn had this to say about the MHRA’s reaction to EU suspensions of vaccine usage:

‘….the MHRA are suggesting that caution need not be applied. It is hard to understand this rationale. There are no completed clinical trials for any of the vaccines currently being administered across the UK and mainland Europe. Pfizer’s phase III trial won’t be completed until January 2023 and AstraZeneca’s will be complete in February 2023. While the MHRA highlight that the link between the blood clotting problems and the vaccines has not been confirmed, the safety and efficacy of the vaccines have not been confirmed either. The MHRA makes no mention of this. The MHRA’s most recent adverse events report notes that more than 500 people have died shortly after receiving COVID-19 vaccines….’

Now put that MHRA figure into perspective: 141 people died of/with C19 in the UK yesterday, 110 the day before. But 500 unexplained deaths from/after vaccination seem not to attract the regulator’s compassion. There is no definitive causal relationship here as yet….but surely there’s enough concern here for at least a temporary halt to vaccination.

But no: the State’s reaction is to censor. At the Mercola Health site, we read

‘As detailed in “Spy Agencies Threaten to ‘Take Out’ Mercola,” this website has been labeled a national security threat by British and American intelligence agencies that are collaborating to eliminate “anti-vaccine propaganda” from public discussion using sophisticated cyberwarfare tools. One of the public frontrunners in this comprehensive attack on my freedom of speech is a U.K.-based group with opaque funding called the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), led by Imran Ahmed, a member of the Steering Committee on Countering Extremism Pilot Task Force under the British government’s Commission for Countering Extremism. In its report, “The Anti-Vaxx Playbook,” the CCDH identifies me as one of the six most influential “anti-vaxxers” online that must be silenced for good. The other five are Barbara Loe Fisher, Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Sherri Tenpenny and Andrew Wakefield.’

No debate if we call it hate

Trouble is, I’m blowed if I can find any hate in what Mercola writes…..I might often disagree with him, but then that’s hardly the point: States censor when they fear what contrarians have to say. One man’s whistle-blowing reference to Pakistani rape-grooming gangs is another man’s hate…especially if he’s called Imran Ahmed.

As it happens, Our Imran’s CCDH is NOT a government agency, it’s a non-profit Limited company. Ahmed founded it himself in 2017. It has offices in London and Washington. He declares himself ‘an expert in online malignant behaviour identity-based hate;  misinformation;  extremism; fake news; trolling; and social media’. Well of course he does; he would, wouldn’t he?

Imran Ahmed is solid Left Remainer. He was the Senior Political Adviser to the Shadow Foreign Secretary, Hilary Benn from 2012-16, during the 2015 general election and the 2016 EU referendum campaign. In 2016 he helped Angela Eagle MP with her leadership bid. Ms Eagle is a Blairite who Eagle voted in favour of the U.S. led invasion of Iraq in 2003, and repeatedly against investigating it in 2003, 2006, and 2007. They’re both about as Top Down élite as you can get.

Meanwhile, Slogger James from Scotland spotted a serious bit of misinformation put out by NHS Scotland this week – viz, that the COVID19 vaccines have undergone the SAME safety tests as EVERY OTHER VACCINE.

As that’s untrue, perhaps Ahmed would like to investigate it – but he shouldn’t get his hopes up. James tried to report a national fraud to Scottish Police by the NHS – they recorded his complaint
but refused to acknowledge that a complaint against the fraudulent NHS claim was legitimate.

Och, di yi see Jammy, McPlod was probably far too busy investigating the danger on Glaswegian streets to man-hating sisters from Islamophobic anti-vax quack psychos working for, um, Sassenach Plod.

All the usual signs of a cultural disease are present and correct in this post. They’re politically correct in a censorious settled-science sort of way.

There’s a specific point being made, and it is based on sound science available in the public domain: the Covid vaccines-that-aren’t-vaccines are also experimental-genetics-unsettled-science in nature and no regulator worth his salt could ever, at this stage, call them safe.

And there are the more general points: secretive government by decree, self-appointed arbiters about free speech, so-called experts ignoring non-vaccine science from questionable motives, the police with their magnifying glasses applied to their backsides, and the everlasting question slowly gaining ground: who is in charge, and what are they up to?

For more time-lined information on the Covid19 saga, do visit the page here devoted to it




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