Covid payment drama is setting us up for Universal Basic Income

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by On3KI9oC9I7ERmJI

What is Universal Basic Income?

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UBI means every citizen gets a check from the govt every month. It’s a paycheck from the govt for everyone. It’s universal.

But it’s also basic, meaning it’s just enough to keep you above the poverty line.

Of course, if everyone gets this income, then no one should be below the poverty line. But does that mean no one will ever be poor ever again? That’s the promise. I wonder if it’ll be empty like literally every other govt promise before it. Basic economics would say that UBI will cause prices of all goods to rise, and the poverty line will go up – probably faster than the amount of the paychecks. It will cause a big increase in inflation. It won’t solve poverty. In all likelihood, it’ll cause MORE poverty.

But guess what? We’re for sure going to find out if I’m right. We’re for sure going to have UBI. Probably the whole world eventually, but definitely in the US.

Look at the Covid payment drama. Everyone in the entire country wants a check. No one gives a shit about the consequences. They just want a check. Any politician that’s standing in the way of that is despised by literally everyone.

Here’s a policy issue that will always get the public’s attention and will always get universal agreement. “Citizens, would you like to get a check from the govt?” Every single person in the entire country will answer yes to that question.

Some people are aware that the govt giving everyone a check is unsustainable long term. Where is all that money supposed to come from? People like you and me who work for a living.

Next they’ll legalize all drugs, and UBI will enable all kinds of people to turn into stoned out couch potatoes. Sure, they’ll have just a tiny little apartment and barely make do, but they’ll be high all day and won’t have to work.

Hasn’t the lockdown made you lazier? How many people teleworking for the first time have let personal hygiene slide? The routines are broken. You don’t go to the office anymore. It’s easier to work in your pajamas.

It’ll be easier to not work, and people will go that route. And the rest of us will have to support them.

And the national debt will soar. But don’t worry, it can go up forever and no one will give a shit.

All this Covid payment drama is emotionally preparing us for UBI.

“Nothing can stop what’s coming.”

PS QAnon is full of shit.




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