Covid19 is not fake, but the media is lying about its details.

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by SanguineMara

It’s a lot more contagious than they say and a lot less danger than they say. There’s only 3 reasons Covid19 will actually kill you:

  1. Already weakened immune system.
  2. Underlying severe health problems, especially with the lungs, that affect your overall health (whether you know you have it or not).
  3. You’re one of the adrenocrome users that takes part in the Illuminati’s satanic rituals involving a large number of the children that “mysteriously” go missing every year.

Think about it.. It’s a new virus and our bodies need to get used to it. The flu as well as many other common illnesses were new once. Humans had to push through it and now, since it comes every year, hardly anyone cares about it.

The numbers that the media is giving you is wrong. There are many cases of the doctors not actually testing someone because their symptoms were like a simple cold. So, it doesn’t get marked as a confirmed case. There have been many cases of people drying from anything other than Covid19 (like a car accident) that they do the tests on. If it comes back as positive, they are marking it as a Covid death.

What they are hiding is the fact that the majority of people who “didn’t get Covid” more than likely did get it and were either asymptomatic or it barely affected them. Why? Because they want to control you by making you fear.

My advice? Stop panicking, wear a mask in the stores that require one (because it won’t kill you), and calmly argue back about your rights as a person on this planet.

Also (for citizens of the US), Biden wants you to wear a mask while you’re outside by yourself and he couldn’t even say the pledge of allegiance correctly. I’m not telling you to vote for, but I wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t know something that basic about a country to run it.

Edit: More people die of starvation everyday than Covid19, but the media is too busy promoting stereotyped causes for starving people on one continent to actually show you how to help the people in your own country.


Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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