COVID19 surpasses All 2018 Preventable Deaths in the US (Deaths per Day)… Dr. Birx Calls Protesters Without Masks ‘Devastatingly Worrisome’… This Is Far from Over…

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by Rage4Me_SC

“Sen. Marshall Bullock, D-Detroit, says on the Senate floor he’s lost 27 people in his life to #COVID19. 27 people. Detroit now has 9,057 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus and 1,035 (27% of all deaths in Michigan)”

Protesters refusing masks, distancing protocols are ‘devastatingly worrisome,’ White House coronavirus coordinator says



As we begin to see many areas of the U.S. lifting quarantine restrictions and lockdowns, please be cognizant of the fact that COVID-19 is not just disappearing by any means. This is a premature decision made by the government so they can continue economic flow and try to regain some sense of “normalcy” to please the idiotic protesters. Our country has done an incredibly poor job at handling this pandemic. They do not care if the virus is still spreading. They do not care if people get sick. They are continually proving to us they do not care about the health of the masses and the elderly. There is NO OFFICIAL VACCINE yet that can stop this virus. We WILL be getting a second round of it in the fall, as it will circulate much like the flu. If you do decide to go out in public, please continue to wear masks and take other protective measures. People will tell you that it’s fine and everything will be okay if we go back to normal life but that is so so so far from the truth. This is serious. I cannot stress this enough. I know we are all going crazy and having a hard time in isolation. But think about those people who are sick and suffering and dying from this horrendous disease. Just because it hasn’t happened to you yet doesn’t mean it never will. It’s not worth it. Please be careful.


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