COVIDIOCRACY: Why Andrew Cuomo’s Latest New York COVID Restrictions Make Zero Sense.

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This doesn’t make much sense. What about 10:00 pm is so special? Does “the science” say that the virus turns into a pumpkin when the clock strikes 10:01?

Evidently,  the governor gave no thought to the fact that this might simply encourage more crowding of these facilities prior to 10:00 pm rather than smaller crowds dispersed over more time. This is just one example of the many oversights plaguing the latest heavy-handed restrictions.

“At the time of the announcement, restaurants have not been provided important details by the State or City about the new restrictions on their businesses,” the NYC Hospitality Alliance said. “They don’t know if the restrictions apply to indoor and outdoor dining, and if customers need to leave the restaurant by 10:00 pm or if they can finish their meals, which is creating more confusion, so we hope that information is released immediately.”

“Today’s news is a huge blow to the restaurant industry that is desperately trying to stay afloat,” New York State Restaurant Association President Melissa Fleischut said.

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In ways small and large, leaders like Cuomo (aided and abetted by a media friendly to Democratic politicians) have eroded the public’s trust by saying one thing and doing another. One egregious example, laid out in detail by the New York Post’s Karol Markowicz, was the behavior of CNN’s Chris Cuomo and his brother, the governor, during Chris’ bout with coronavirus. Chris broke quarantine while sick with COVID and got a haircut indoors (a violation that would have netted a non-celebrity a $1,000 fine), while his wife enjoyed indoor workout sessions at a gym that was supposed to have remained closed.

Worse, Governor Cuomo devoted an inordinate amount of time to promoting his leadership style during the pandemic, despite the fact that the state was second only to New Jersey in deaths per capita from COVID.

In Washington D.c., which still has some of the most restrictive lockdown measures in the country and where public school students never returned to in-person education, Mayor Muriel Bowser offered residents a pitch-perfect example of political hypocrisy last week when she and many of her staff traveled to Delaware to celebrate Biden’s win at a crowded campaign party. Delaware is listed as a “high risk” state by D.C., which means anyone traveling to the District from Delaware must quarantine for two weeks. But such rules don’t apply to Bowser, who deemed her and her staff’s partying “essential travel” and, thus, “exempt” from the quarantine order.

They don’t apply in Chicago, either: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tells city to stay at home for 30 days, cancel Thanksgiving plans and puts 10-person limit on gatherings due to COVID-19 spike — days after she joined crowds celebrating Biden’s win.

To be fair, there mere presence of the legendary superhero Corona Destroyer would have been enough to strike fear into the heart of the cowardly Coronavirus, thus rendering it powerless.



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