COVINGTON: While We Were Distracted…

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Five Stories Americans Missed While Fighting Over A Viral Video That Has No Effect On Their Lives

As Americans argued over an irrelevant video of a Catholic boy in a MAGA hat staring at a Native American, multiple events took place that actually affect them and were ignored.

1. Bill Would Force Citizens to Have Government Software on ALL Devices that Access the Internet which Would Block Any Content the State Deems “Obscene”

While Americans called for making the Catholic Kentucky teen a hero or a villain, law makers proposed legislation that will put software on every single device that accesses the internet. Under the guise of collecting revenue, this legislation would force citizens to pay the government to access porn content.

2. An Innocent Marine Veteran was Falsely Arrested and Brutally Strip Searched in a Horrific Act of ‘Punishment’ Caught on Video

As the media paraded around the fact that Nathan Phillip was a veteran—who was not abused in any way by MAGA hat teen—other veterans were actually undergoing horrific abuse at the hands of government agents.

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3. Video was Released Showing a Police Officer Shoot and Kill a 14-Year-Old Boy as He Ran Away with a Toy Gun

Antonio Arce was shot and killed by a Tempe, Arizona police officer after someone called 911 to report a suspicious truck parked in an alley.

The owner of the truck was unloading some items and says that a meddling neighbor, who he’s had problems with in the past, called police to get him in trouble. When police arrived, the officer claimed that he feared for his life and was forced to shoot at the boy who was six houses down the road from him.

According to the truck owner, Lou Silvas, he saw the gun police claimed was on the child, in his truck after the officer shot the boy.

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4. Volunteers are Stepping Up to Do the Job of Government Workers Who Remain Home Due to Shutdown

If you have visited one of the many national parks or even the nation’s capital in the last 5 weeks, then chances are, you’ve benefited from the work of selfless volunteers who’ve been doing the government’s job for them, for free.

5. Alternative Media Companies Unite to Rally Against the Corporate Government Control of Information

For those who have been following TFTP, they likely know about the massive purge of alternative media which has been underway for some time now. The sharing of peaceful ideas and government accountability has become the target of the information controllers and is quickly being snubbed out and being replaced with “scissor” creators who push divide and conquer content like the MAGA hat video.



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