CPS Grabs Newborn Baby From A Disabled Christian Mother After The Parents Expressed A Desire Not To Vaccinate

Sometimes a story comes along that makes your blood boil, and this is one of them.  All over the nation CPS is stealing children from Christian families that express concerns about the safety of vaccines, but I never expected it to happen in north Idaho.  Actually, a large number of families from all over the country have moved to Idaho in recent years specifically because of the vaccine issue.  In Idaho, there is no legal requirement to vaccinate your children, and so no child should ever be taken away because parents do not intend to vaccinate.  Unfortunately, that appears to be what happened in this case.

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Earlier today I spoke with Simona Mona of Health Freedom Idaho on the telephone.  She said that she would send me a basic account of the facts in this case, and I told her that I would share those facts with my audience.  Simona is hoping to get as many people as possible out to a court hearing that is being held on Monday morning…
Friends we have an incredibly important battle on our hands. Something unconscionable has happened in North Idaho this last week. We were notified by the daugther of a local pastor here in Kootenai County regarding a woman of his congregation, Diamond Mehlhoff, who gave birth in Kootenai County @ KMC on Monday November 20th via C section. On Wednesday November 22nd, after the parents refused vaccination for the baby, the state became involved and took this beautiful baby, Elijah, from his loving parents, claiming the mother to be unfit due to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (a non progressive movement disorder). They have stated the mother to be bedbound, which is not at all the accurate, she also lives with her husband Ari and the grandfather of the baby. This is an unbelievable, unheard of, egregious case of disability discrimination. Their court hearing is tomorrow Monday 27th at 8am @ 205 N 4th Street Coeur D Alene ID 83814 in the Juvenile Justice Center. They are asking anyone available to please come support them.
It is very important to note that the state did not take any action until the parents expressed a desire not to vaccinate the child.  This is a common theme that comes up again and again in cases such as this around the country.  If you do not intend to vaccinate, it is probably best not to give birth at a hospital if you have that option.
From what I am being told, the authorities hope to institutionalize Diamond, declare the father to be unfit, and permanently keep the baby away from the parents.  This makes me so angry that I don’t know if I have the words to express what I am feeling right now.  As you can see from the photo at the top of this article, obviously Diamond is not “bedbound”.  She is just fine and definitely does not need to be institutionalized.  And the authorities have never even been to the husband’s home, and so they have absolutely no grounds for declaring him to be “unfit”.
If CPS wins in this case, what is going to happen the next time a disabled woman has a child here in Idaho?
Are all disabled women going to have their babies ripped from them once they give birth from now on?
Simona is 100% correct when she says that this is an “egregious case of disability discrimination”.  Those that are attempting to take this child away from Diamond should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.
If you would like to do something to get involved in this case, you can learn more on Health Freedom Idaho’s official Facebook page.  I personally know the leaders of Health Freedom Idaho, and they are relentless fighters for the things that we believe in.
Please share this article and the material about this case on Health Freedom Idaho’s Facebook page as widely as you can.  We want to make as much noise about this case as possible, because we want the authorities to back down and leave this Christian family alone.


13 thoughts on “CPS Grabs Newborn Baby From A Disabled Christian Mother After The Parents Expressed A Desire Not To Vaccinate”

  1. So,…where are the supporters of these parents?
    Where is the Idaho Militia?
    Where are the folks who stood-up to the BLM at the Lundy Ranch?
    Where are the supporters in the Dakota Pipeline Protests?
    If all of you went to the CPS Office in armed protest, this crap would stop!!!
    I fortunately do not have to put up with crap like this, as I now live overseas!
    I left, just as the persecuted of Europe did in the 1930’s when I saw the program of NEUROCIDE taking place under Political Correctness; when the illegal NDAA, Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act were passed….not to mention the on-going efforts at gun grabbing,..!!!
    & I served in the U.S. Military for 16 years, am now a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran, so hence no one can label me un-patriotic,…!
    I paid the price…
    Who will pay the price for this harassed family in Idaho?

  2. Same as when criminal psycho elite “president” George HW Bush of the Kennedy Assasinator’s Club family “signed into law” in 1991 that all babies born in hospitals must be given SSNs immediately. Since we believed our newly born daughter should have a say, as well as we, as to when she got an SSN, I had her at home. At age 40. ALL pregnant women who care about liberty should have their babies at home–and home school them as well. Before all that becomes “illegal”

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    You don’t own yourself — the Federal Reserve does. Since the early
    1960s, State governments have issued Birth Certificates to “persons”
    with legal fictional names using “ALL CAPS” names. This is not a lawful
    record of your physical birth, but rather the acknowledgement of the
    “birth” of the juristic, all-caps name. It may appear to be your true
    name, but since no proper name is ever written in all caps (either
    lawfully or grammatically) it does not identify who you are. http://www.viewzone.com/col… These “parents” fell into the trap that all of us are subject to. They still have time to get remedy.

  4. But the State won’t take crack babies away from their crack addicted mothers….or the heroin addicted mothers either….even if they are black….heaven forbid…..

  5. One of these days they are rightfully going to classify being Christian as the the proper mental disability it is. The inability to distinguish between iron age fantasy and 21st century reality seems to be at the core of this sort of problem. Maybe they should just market the mandatory vaccinations as anti-demon holy-water and slap a Px next to the Rx and these issues can be averted…


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