Craig Hemke – Charade Over – 20% Inflation Very Possible – 2019 Best Year for Precious Metals Since 2010

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Financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke says, “This idea that the Fed can just keep doing what they are doing and things can just keep marching along–no. We are finally at the end of the charade. It’s lasted a lot longer than I thought it could. . . . Now, in 2019, we are right back to where we were in 2010. This is vitally important for people to understand. Eventually, gold is going to break out this year. It’s going to go above $1,360 and the whole world is going to figure this out, and prices are going to accelerate. People who are not buying it now are going to get left behind. . . . Once the demand for all these dollars starts to fall off and disappear, well, those dollars are still out there, and they are all going to come back here to our shores. That’s when you start to get this runaway or hyperinflation because you’ve got so many more dollars than you have demand for dollars. That lessens the value of the dollar and goods go up in cost. . . . The idea you could get 20% inflation is certainly plausible and feasible. . . . Nothing has proven more effective in history to preserve wealth than gold and silver—nothing! . . . . 2019 will be the best year for precious metals since 2010.”



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