Craig Sawyer Announces His Conclusion – False Information Was Given On The Tucson Arizona Camp – HOAX.

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by Ruby Henley

I have waited to do an update on this story for at least three days.  I follow an investigator, Manny Chavez, who has been suspicious of this incident since it was reported.  I wanted to wait until he had finished his investigation, and he was right – the initial story was simply blown out of proportion by some characters involved.

You can watch his update here –


He is a solid investigator, and he reports using his own material.  So many others actually report off his original contents, but make no mistake about it – Manny Chavez is the real deal.  You may know him by his YouTube name, Defango.

This is Defango’s statement on Craig Sawyer’s following video and statement – “He has enough guff to come out and tell ya the truth, and he was goaded into going down there by Lewis.”

Who is Lewis?  Let’s look into his background to some degree to understand how Lewis approaches life.


#OperationBackyardBrawl is the name Mr. Arthur gave to his latest project uncovering what he said was a child sex trafficking camp in Arizona.

He had constant live streams on Facebook, in which he eventually reached out to the viewers to assist via donations and other methods.  One thing which stood out to me was the fact he kept telling everyone to come on out and join his group, Veterans on Patrol.

He continually spoke about what a crowd he had with him, but no one was seen in the background – or I did not see anyone.  I was concerned that we could possibly be witnessing another Bundy standoff. Oh, wait, Arthur was actually involved in that, too.

Actually to be precise, he was involved in a brawl at the Malheur Wildlife Preserve.  He went in and proceeded to create a disturbance with some of the men occupying the Preserve.


Back to #OperationBackyardBrawl – by the way that seems to be Arthur’s style – brawl.

While he insists people do not send money, supplies poured in for Veterans On Patrol.

In forming Veterans on Patrol, Lewis Arthur (Real name: Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer) realized the apathy our Country has for our homeless veterans; thus, he had a winning project.  There was plenty of work to do helping the homeless veterans in his area of Arizona.

Now, what I am about to say will surely not be popular with many in the YouTube community – so be it.  Lewis Arthur kept thanking QAnon, and this alerted me immediately to “something was not right.”

I know many of your may follow QAnon and his QTubers, but I am not one of them.  From the beginning of the appearance of QAnon, I simply did not trust the ‘plan.’

I found someone on YouTube who walked to the beat of a different drummer other than QAnon, and that was Manny Chavez (Defango).   After studying his work, I realized why I was so suspicious of the QAnon movement – it was a flawed and basically a hoax.

I have found, as I said earlier,  Manny (Defango) does not beat around the bush.  He simply does his own investigation and tells it like it is.


Craig Sawyer’s Final Analysis On Arizona Camp –



Our organization has conducted an exhaustive on the ground examination of the alleged child sex trafficking site at 6520 S I19 Frontage Rd, Tucson, AZ 85756 located on private property owned by the Cemex Corporation.

Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR) was among the first to respond to site based on a false report of “children being kept in an underground bunker” on Tuesday May 29th, 2018.

Our teams have been to the Tucson site a number of times, examined the camp and spoken to witnesses.

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Veteran US Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer, Founder of V4CR met with the Tucson Police Department and conducted a full review of the police reports, findings and facts of this case. The original claims made of this site were found to be false and alleged evidence could not be corroborated. We have officially concluded that:

The site contained only circumstantial evidence that might have been indicative of possible activity  involving children, but ultimately conclusive physical evidence of a child sex trafficking camp, rape trees or underground chamber for storage of children was speculative and without merit.

We are very aware of the national inflated narrative that has erupted from unsubstantiated claims, made by unqualified parties. This type of attention is harmful to the efforts of legitimate anti-trafficking organizations and law enforcement.

We understand that our findings will be questioned by some and rejected by others. Nevertheless, the integrity of Veterans For Child Rescue is far more important than allowing a false narrative to continue. In our professional opinion the investigation conducted by the Tucson Police Department was thorough and their findings appropriate in this case.

We encourage anyone that still has questions about the facts of this case to contact the Tucson Police Department and request records related to case number: 1805290518 and 1806020213.



In conclusion, I am glad to have updated this report with the facts, as I believe them to be.  I believe the sources are 100% legitimate and without falsehood.

In saying that, let us not forget to pray for the children, for as Craig Sawyer said, child sex trafficking is very real, and we must continue to fight it.

As for Veterans on Patrol, homelessness of our Nation’s veterans is a very real problem, too.

I appreciate what both groups are doing for those, who cannot do for themselves.


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