Crazed BLM Supporter Plows Through Crowd in Waukesha

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by Chris Black

5 killed and 40 injured at a Christmas parade in Wisconsin in an attack conducted by an anti-White, George-Floyd-obsessed, BLM supporter who was a registered sex offender.

This is merely 2 days after the mainstream media published torrents of anti-White propaganda in response to Kyle Rittenhouse being declared innocent.

Darrell Brooks, was a repeat offender whose bail was posted the same day as the Rittenhouse trial was announced. Evidently, he was freed by someone to enact this revenge attack on innocent Whites.

Leftists are celebrating the attack and describing it as “self-defense” — clearly implying that it is revenge for Kyle (rightly) being found innocent:

Here is an archive of the his social media posts:

And his bail payment: (

The BLM supporter who carried out the Waukesha attack deliberately ran a woman over with his car earlier this month, and was out on bail for that incident. Prosecutors who set that bail have blood on their hands, and the media is lying to you about this attack.

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Here’s an article documenting anti-White propaganda in media:

People looking for a term to describe how the American media are responsible for the anti-white terror attack in Wisconsin should know that the term not only exists but is largely a creation of the media and other organs who wanted to censor nationalists.

Stochastic terrorism is what the MSM engages in against whites every day.

Within hours, people on the internet already figure out who the guy is, with an address in Milwaukee with the exact car parked out front.

People even find a rap video where the guy glorifies killing people,that features the red Escape prominently.

The media insists it wasn’t intentional and that they don’t know who the driver is.

Who wants to bet that his bond will be less than $10k compared to Kyle’s $10 million? If he even gets charged with a single count of murder.

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If it were a white person that ran down a BLM parade, every city in America would be on fire right now.

The thing is, if white people went in and burned down all the black ghettos, it would be an improvement to the neighbourhoods.

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