Criminal knocks out his own attorney after he gets 47 year prison sentence

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Video description-

An Ohio man punched his defense attorney in the face, knocking him out cold, just moments after he was sentenced to 47 years in prison, officials said. David Chislton, 42, was standing next to his attorney Aaron Brockler Tuesday morning as he waited to hear his sentence for pistol-whipping his girlfriend and setting their apartment complex on fire in 2017. Upon learning he would be behind bars for nearly five decades, Chislton turned to the victim in the case and shouted, “47 years. What the f–k?” in what appeared to be an attempt to guilt her, Brockler told the Daily News Wednesday. Brockler said he then leaned in to reassure Chislton that he’d visit him in jail. That’s when he got sucker-punched. “I think when he heard the amount of years he got, he was probably shocked and so he took it out on me,” Brockler told The News. A video of the recording indicates Chislton received 45 years, however Brockler confirmed it was 47. “Then the next thing, I sort of felt like a swoosh and saw stars and woke up on the ground.”

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