Criminals & Terrorists Don't Care For You Laws, Kid!

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Since the Gun Free Zones of 1990’s take a look at the data on school shootings. Pretty conclusive that policy has failed.



2 thoughts on “Criminals & Terrorists Don't Care For You Laws, Kid!

  1. David Hogg’s father was a career FBI agent …. the FBI is the “highly trained professionals” who are supposed to PROTECT you, but they refused to do a thing in spite of numerous warnings…. so really the HOGG family is part of the PROBLEM. Little David even fumbles his scripted lines ………….. you should give up your 2nd Amendment so the FBI & Sheriff can FAIL to protect you.

  2. From looking at him, I doubt he could take an eight grade girl in a fight. He wants us to disarm, go back to your mama’s basement little boy.

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