Cringe: NIH Director Francis Collins Sings ‘Somewhere Past the Pandemic’ Song to the Tune of ‘Over the Rainbow’ (Video)

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Retiring Director of the National Institutes of Health Francis Collins performed an “end of the Pandemic” song to the tune of “Over the Rainbow” during a farewell NIH town hall on Tuesday. Collins accompanied himself on acoustic guitar. Collins is set to step down this week; he was appointed in 2009 by Barack Obama. Over 800,000 Americans have died of/with COVID-19 on Collins’ watch, with his NIH funding research in Wuhan, China that likely helped produce the pandemic virus.

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Somewhere past the pandemic when we’re free, there’s a life I remember full of activity.

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Somewhere past the pandemic masks will come off, no more need for a nose swab every time we cough.

As we are gathered here today COVID’s toll has hit and sent us reeling.


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